Compulsory Random Drugs Tests- 18 RN suspected positive.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Ninja_Stoker, Aug 28, 2008.

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  1. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    For those contemplating joining the Service who are foolish enough to think they won't get caught, you should read Today's Sun regarding the folly of drugs.

    If ever anyone tells you cocaine cannot be detected- think again.
  2. I didn't think they could afford it.

    18 Navy personnel busted taking cocaine on leave in Brazil. Discuss.
  3. The Scum overegging again - 'huge expense to taxpayers' & 'Shame ... HMS Liverpool'!

    for a more concise report, though the MOD spokeswoman makes excuses (it seems) that it is 'far worse in civilian work places'.

    I suppose there must have been a reason that there was a drugs test after a 'run ashore' (as quaintly put by the meeja) - is this standard procedure for foreign visits by warships these days ?
  4. Heard about it on the radio coming into work this morning. Quite a big catch and must be one of the biggest since the 'Dimweed' lot got caught in the early 80's.
  5. There doesn't need to be a reason for a drugs test! They shoved it up their noses and got caught, end of, whether it was after a run ashore or not doesn't make a ounce of difference. I would imagine their bags are packed and they are on their way home now, cattle class with a few RNP sherpas waiting to pick them up.

    What happened to the days of going ashore for beer?
  6. what I meant was, is it standard procedure to carry out a test after a feriegn visit ?
  7. Humble apologies, I'll just get off the outrage bus. They were just bringing in CDT when I left the mob (Not the reason I left I hasten to add). Ninja would be better placed to answer that one.

    The company I work for now has CDT and alcohol testing, the limit for alcohol is half the drink drive limit, which effectively means no lunch time drinkies anymore, not a bad thing though.
  8. Of course, they chose ships and establishments where there is the greatest risk. Why does Northwood not get done quite as often as say Collingwood or Sultan the Monday after a main leave period.

    I was saying to the girls - what is the difference between coming to work the morning after a drugs sesh compared to with a massive hangover? Apart from one being legal and one not? I say zero tolerance to all mind enhancing susbstances like airline pilots and train drivers.
  9. You think about pilots and train drivers a lot then ?
  10. Get the scum out! Have no time for them!
  11. No problem, they also had the odd one in the mid 70s - I joined the Tiger and they had field day with some drugs, but mostly very colourful magazines (AFO style with piccies), after she came back from Scandinavia !!

    I recall being in the cinema in Pembroke in the late 70s, and the Reggies giving us a demo on what the sniffer dogs could do, and a slight whiff of some burnt whatever it was :shock:
  12. Married to one so no.
  13. It's all a bit of a no brainer really, go somewhere that drugs are cheap and easily available and pusser does a drugs test, if they didn't see it coming then do we really want them in the service
  14. I can remember when at Collingwood as a CRS a few years ago and in my post as Chief of the section I had to assist the CDT when they were on the establishment. This involved me being one of those who had to take the urine samples from the lads and lasses and label them up.

    Anyway, I get home and the wife says to me "How was your day?" To which I replied "Been taking the piss all day" "Nothing unusual there then love" she says and I said "No, I really have been taking the piss" and went on to explain. :)

    I am all for CDT and I hope they catch plenty of more of the drug abusing muppets, no place for them in the services at all.
  15. Saying that though, thats almost 10% of the crew! Must have been one hell of a mess party!
  16. Tis quite a few TC and I can only imagine its the normal dross like idiots that the RN seem to recruit these days. Remember when we used to be a bit more selective and it was not that long ago either.

    Unfortunately, society is very much 'recreational' nowadays and some are bound to end up within our midsts.
  17. I can only imagine its the normal dross like idiots that the RN seem to recruit these days.
    You may be true in what you say here shippers, but not so long ago one of the two ringers on one of my previous drafts also tested positive for cocaine, would harldy refer to this particular officer has a dross like idiot!
  18. Fooking idiots.

    Drug tests are standard procedure throught the mob when I was in up until 2003.

    They are supposedly random but it's obvious they are targeted in most cases.

    We got drug tested whilst away on our global deployment. The XO requested it infact. Everyone was clear.

    They should be outside after this with the no tolerance rules in the MOB. dishounarable discharge bye bye!

    I can sort expect occasionally you get the one or two getting caught but 18??? Their must be something drastically wrong somewhere for 18 to go out stuff drugs up their nose knowing they could get thrown out the mob?
  19. I agree with you Tommo. How on earth did they think they weren't gonna get sussed, or do thye just not give a stuff, it beggars belief.
  20. As this occifer tested positive he most certainy was a dross like idiot! :pukel:

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