Completed week two of training at raleigh

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Professor_X, Aug 5, 2007.

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  1. Just gone on summer leave for four weeks after completing two weeks of training, just to say thanks to everyone who gave advice and opinions which helped making starting at raleigh less daunting!!

  2. So what was it like? How did you find it? Any trouble? Any tips?
  3. What were the first two weeks like? Looking forward to going back?
  4. Eh up!!! I was with the old Xav! But in the other group. Don't want to hijack the post... But its ace lads. Week one is utter S**T! paperwork... powerpoint... paperwork... powerpoint... injections... AND VERY LITTLE FITNESS!!! But it has to be gotten out of the way in order to prepare you for the remaining seven weeks! On week 2 you begin to feel more at home, and more like your actually in the navy! You'll have your uniform, and a lot more fun, fitness, teamwork. Our group pulled together a lot more in week 2! PTI's can be pushy and really scare you at times, but let it all go over your head... theyre doing their job, and thats to make sure u havent got a bad attitude above all else.
    Oh and get used to 5 hours sleep, u get no more (except sundays - [6 or 7])!!!
    Cant wait to go back myself anyway! What about you XAV?
  5. What division are you both in?
  6. Walker division, are you there yourself?
  7. 2 Weeks, well done !!!!

    I wish I had a job with a 2 week on 4 week off cycle.
  8. No, I was in Fisgard. Did you do Pier Cellars or is that waiting for you when you get back?
  9. We do Pier Cellars when we get back, looking forward to getting back except for drill exam on tuesday!!

    You passed out on the friday we went on leave is that correct Snaps? bloody hot day to be in your number 1's two of my class were taken off the parade ground before they kissed the tarmac!!

    Anyway agree with Jonno, week one is a ball ache week 2 gets more interesting.
    Lack of sleep, you get use to it and everyone shouts as it gets you to do what they want when they want.
    Mouth shut and ears open is a good bit of advice and where can you get a job where you go for two weeks and then sent on four weeks leave .. fantastic but miss the place already but again only been there for two weeks so that will pass
  10. Week 1065 hasn't been too bad.
  11. Only 1065 ?? :rendeer: :rendeer:
  12. Don't firemen work something like that routine??
  13. Shame on you using the words "firemen" and "work" in the same post.
  14. Oh dear! Hope your class mates were ok!

    We passed out two weeks before leave. The day that most of the country had severe weather warnings and flooding. But Torpoint was red hot. We got stuck on the M5 because it was shut dur to flooding, but otherwise it was a great day ;)

    Drill exam is ok! It's not that bad at all. In fact, it's the only time you'll ever do half of the things in the exam. So you feel smart to be doing it. If you have anyone particularly letting the side down, they will be singled out. We lost two to another division because of their marching. Enjoy it! At week three, your marching will be better than it ever will be again at Raleigh! Your instructors will constantly tell you how much better you are than week seven and eight and you will hear week seven and eight being told off for being worse than you guys. It's great.
  15. Ferking pansies!! :whew:
  16. What branch will you be joining Xav? Glad to hear it's going good so far, don't forget it's all downhill after week 4. And when you pass out you get to see what it's really like (I'd forgotten there were two 5 o'clocks in the day till you reminded me of Raleigh) :whew:
  17. All going well ETME(SM) i don't like soap and i don't like the sun either.

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