Completed SMQ Dry Awaiting draft.

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by Jess33, Jan 13, 2016.

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  1. Hi my son just completed dry phase! Very proud of him. There is now a bit of a delay for draft for wet phase. ? Going to Holland to work for a while. Can they commence SMQ wet phase whilst gaining experience in Holland - thanks in advance Jess
  2. He will start wet training once a boat is available.
  3. Does that take a while Barneyrnsm he is an ME there are WE and writers in his group who have got their drafts. Thanks again
  4. It's just a case of waiting for a suitable space on a suitable'll happen, obviously sooner would be better. But tell him to enjoy his time in Holland whilst he can - make the most of it.
  5. It just depends when a boat becomes availible. There's obviously no ME positions availible at the moment. He could ask his DO to ask his career manager if he/she knows when a position is likely to become availible.
  6. He desperate to complete the process and get his dolphins it's all been quiet a fast pace until now. There are more places on v boats but he holding on for an a boat. But still Holland in the meantime
  7. If he has completed SMQ dry that will determine if he goes to a V or an A boat. The courses are totally different and as a non qual he would have to complete the relevant course. Its not a case of him holding out for either or.
  8. He had done a boat training but some have moved over to v boats from training, once_a_skimmer he is just having to wait. I just wondered if anyone knew how long the wait normally is.
  9. Basically, how longs a piece of string?
  10. What Wrecker L says, a piece of string....

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