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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by paul26, Jul 2, 2012.

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  1. I've passed each stage now and have been given my entrance date as 20.1.13, the prnc has been mentioned, but does anybody know how long before your actual joining date it usually is? i know i have to pass it in order to get into raleigh and my security check is still being looked at, just wondering if anybody else is in the same position, or if anybody on here who is already serving had an answer, thanks.
  2. I did my PRNC 5 months before my starting date but I think it can take place between 1-6 months before joining. Also it took about 4 months for my SC to pass through.
  3. I have mine August 27th - 30th and my start date is December 2nd if that helps :)
  4. Hi paul26, I am in a similar situation. I completed my application process on the 22nd of June. I was wondering how long it took the RN to issue you with a start date?

  5. My SC took about 3months, but that was over the Christmas period. - I've had a completed application process since February, and no mention of PRNC/entry date yet, however I got told the next in take for my branch was August 12/April 13, but no clarification on my actual entry date.
    As I understand it, I'd get a PRNC date when I get given an entry date?!
  6. i got my entrance date on 30th june, i passed my interview on 6th june. does anybody know, apart from the swim and running tests, what tests there are at prnc?
  7. Those are the two pass/fail elements, but the Navy are evaluating your all round fitness, team work ability and I believe there is a firearms familiarization. I remember seeing a video on the RN website with all the info.

    Just had a phone call an hour ago with my start date, 28th October 2012, and a PRNC date, 16th July 2012, not bad as I only applied to join in April!
  8. congratulations on your date ballpoint. as i understand it, you dont get given a prnc date until your sc has been passed. just trying to get as fit as possible now. dieting sucks!
  9. This is incorrect. I didn't fill in the security clearance form until I had been given my start date
  10. What are you going in as mate? I completed my my application process a few month ago now, I took the recruit test about January, and havnt heard anything back, so Im gonna call into the careers office on Friday to see if things are going ok with my application. Im going in as an Engineering Technician (Marine) On the surface fleet. When I spoke to the careers office a few month ago, the thought my date will be sometime around next june, because apparantly they are having a massive uplift in recruitment.
  11. Joe, Your internet PERSEC is knackered. I found your real name, your address, your interests and a world of other things. Why do people re-use internet names across numerous sites? Bad idea, and for anyone looking to enter the Armed Forces it is gallactically retarded.
  12. Which website did you find my address from? Its just a habbit of using the same username for everything i sign up. I am a tool.
  13. Twitter, Facebook and various others. Close down your Facebook security settings, because it says what hometown you are in with a nice big map pointer, and previous posts, likes and subscriptions are available for all to see.

    Bad guys in foreign countries attempt to get their claws in to people in the Forces early on.

    Other newbies take note, or I'll start photographing your houses and generally scaring the shit out of you all.

    Edited to add- your address was found by finding your real name, finding your home town from FB. I didn't actually complete the exercise, because I have a subscription on an address finding service and I only have a few searched left. But the exercise to that point demonstrates your vulnerability.
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  14. Thanks for the pointer, I shall change it immediately.
  15. im doing the same as you but as a submariner, i was given my start date just over 3 weeks after passing my interview. when i had my interview they told me they thought it would more than likely be around march, so they wasnt too far off with that, just i still havent been given a date for the prnc which from reading some other posts on here i should have

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