Complete Newbie here, I've got a question to ask, and asking for some tips for the RN interview.

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Sorry if this is in the wrong place, and it probably is, but I couldn't find anywhere else to put it. If there is, please mind my stupidity.

So I've just some back from having done my RN Psychometric Test, and I passed (I'm really pleased!), and although I wasn't given direct results, I saw on my report I got in the mid-20s for each area (30 questions), apart from Mechanical Comprehension, which was 16. Which I thought was pretty good.

So I've applied for Warfare Specialist, however I'm really looking to perhaps go into an officer's role. I looked online and saw somewhere the passmark was 50% for each area (for ratings), and for officers it was 65% overall (or something like that, please correct me), and I think I got over the 65%.

So my question is, and hopefully you can give me some advice before my interview next week, is there a chance I can talk to the RN careers guy and ask about applying for Warfare Officer instead, or what should I do otherwise. Thanks for any advice.

Also, since I have the RN interview next week, is there any tips, or things I SHOULD know, or things I SHOULD NEVER say, to hopefully give me the best chance of passing. Again, thanks for anything you can offer.
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