Complete and utter tat.

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by 2_deck_dash, Jun 4, 2010.

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  1. There's only 4999 left cos Deano got the first one
  3. Can you imagine the kicking you would receive down the mess for wearing that watch?

    And for the bootnecks there is this splendid ring:
  4. And I thought I was pusser faced for having a chromed wheel spanner above my fireplace.
  5. I quite like the spitfire clock :D :D :D
  6. Now that is a thing of beauty
    I must bookmark this Bradford site.I can see crimbo being more fun than I've had in years.I cant wait to see the wifes face when she opens her pressie this year :D
  7. Mmmm.

    Although I wouldn't have gone near that stuff when I was in the mob, now that I'm outside, it's starting to look pretty good.

    The barometer will go with the brass telescope, crests and the painting of Trafalgar on the living room wall.

    The watch will look nice with my RN blazer badge, anchor cufflinks, RN tie and dandruff.
  8. I've just ordered one of these:

  9. I think youve just reminded me of someone else who needs decapitating with a shovel :twisted:
  10. Always wanted a Bootnecks ring.
    Never got the chance.
  11. What 8O
  12. You didn't miss much :roll:
  13. I know someone who would buy a watch like that.
    A WO2ET(ME)

    I'm sat in the Tech office opposite him now. His wife bought it for him and he's proud as punch with it.

  14. When I first started coming here for info I asked a right mongy question, I actually asked if I would get a kicking for wearing that watch to Raleigh, what was I thinking 8O

    I almost got deaded 8)
  15. So if I ask a bootie to show me his ring, that's what I'll see, yes?

    ps can you still get the Tutenkamen clock, that is quality must-have blackcat-that-you-bastard tat
  16. More sick and useless junk discovered at the murky bottom of the web:

    Something for the wife for her birthday - always complained I had never bought her fur.


    and something for the grandkids:


  17. A few years ago I saw the following piece of tat for sale in a newspaper.

    I honestly thought it was a p1ss-take or something out of Viz, but it was for real - The Princess Di "Bear of Hearts"


    Full link is below (with very tacky vomit generating granny bait script):

    Queen Of Hearts Bear
  18. Wrecks if you can still run, ask Blobby or Bergen if you can see their ring.
    Don't ask that fuckin NZ boot neck, word is he's a bit of a slapper. :D :wink:

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