Complaints against police rise 8%

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Ja5on, Sep 24, 2009.

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  1. "It added that one complaint in every four was for "neglect of duty" - officers being slow or ineffective."

    Which would more than cover the increase in complaints and says more about the procedures, guidelines and paperwork enforced on them than it does the Officers themselves.

    Now turn your juvenile Anti-Police tirade in.
  2. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    MLP, bit harsh there, Ja5on will I'm sure be giving a balanced view in which he will show how many complaints were made by criminals (or young lads being stupid whose Mummies complained on his, I mean, their behalf) in an effort to alter the charges being made against them.

    He will then research various trades, ie Solicitors, Plumbers, School Teachers and Dustmen, to show up the fact that the whole world is bent.

    Ja5on grow up and try and show a bit of maturity.
  3. Sorry, have I missed something?
    All Ja5on did was post a BBC News link; he didn't comment on it.
  4. Actually I was interested in this part. I can only speak for surrey police experience wise but I think it's rediculous that they only have five response cars to cover 4 different towns on a saturday night. In my old job we detained someone who we had caught in a hotel room selling drugs and it took an hour and a half for police to turn up and take him away because they were busy and undermanned. I think the government is relying to much on cameras and pretend police officers (PCSO's) to do the police work IMO.

    Nice to see I got the bites I wanted though. :lol:
  5. You're not that clever.
  6. You don't have to be to outsmart you 8)
  7. Let's not go down this road again, I would have thought you'd have learned your lesson last time I bundled you into a submissive heap.

    As this is Current Affairs I shan't pop you back in your box. For now.
  8. So! It seems my sympathy for you was missplaced.
    You, Sir, have exposed yourself as a complete and utter bounder!! :evil:
  9. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Is anyone really surprised that complaints against the Police continue to rise?

    Whilst those at the helm of ACPO Plc, our wonderfully weak and ineffective so-called leaders, seem to simply roll over and accept that the IPCC’s latest self-promotion head line grabbing figures as yet another yard stick for learning and change; the reality is that we continue to make unrealistic promises to the public in the first place, which we simply cannot meet all of the time (The Policing Pledge, anyone???). And there lies part of the problem, when the Police are unable – for whatever reason – to deliver what is promised. Or what the Government, rather, promises on the Police's behalf! Complaints of neglect etc. will inevitably follow. It’s almost as if someone somewhere is setting them all up to fail.

    But that only paints half of the picture. We are a society awash with rights, with no responsibility: a society where a drunken yob can deflect entirely the attention away from his own despicable behaviour onto that of the Police Officer, because he didn’t like the way the Officer spoke to him or restrained him whilst he was being violent and aggressive towards the Officer in return.

    There is absolutely no onus on the individual anymore to take any responsibility for their own actions or behaviour; they have an absolute right to complain above and beyond all else. I’m not suggesting that all Police Officers always get it right. I’m not suggesting that on occasions they are not guilty of incivility. Nor am I suggesting that on some occasions the force used is entirely reasonable in the circumstances. We are all after all human.

    When all is said and done though, only around one in ten of complaints against Police are upheld. Of course, headlines proclaiming only several hundred complaints upheld out of many thousands received wouldn’t have the same impact. What annoys me more than anything here – and in their response ACPO are as guilty of this as anyone – is the insinuation that if someone has complained about Police; then there must be some basis for that complaint in the first place, irrespective of the eventual outcome.

    When will these buffoons wake up though and acknowledge that by the very nature of what the Police do; (the collective) we will not always be popular and liked. And people will make, time and time again, malicious complaints against Officers to try and strengthen their own defence and wrongly tarnish the Officers concerned.

    An entire industry has been created at considerable public expense to provide the plain mad or bad the platform on which to complain about the very people tasked with keeping their poor unlawful behaviour in check. You couldn’t make it up, really. The real pity though is the increased shift and emphasis towards a style of Policing designed to prevent complaints of any sort. Of course as we become less robust – if such a thing is possible any more – the criminal’s life becomes easier. And the masses, who want a more robust Police service to tackle crime and disorder loose out again. After all, it is a long long time before we catered for their views or opinions. Maybe they should complain more!
  10. Sarge, many people don't bother to complain about the police because they know, er I mean they think, nothing will happen. And guess what....... :roll:

    Perhaps it's time to undust that old Sheehy Report..........

    Puts head well below the parapet......
  11. Complaining about the police is a complete waste of time. They are the most accomplished liars on the face of the planet, schooled and trained in the art of perjury.

  12. Apart from that; is it now easier to complain than it ever was previously?
  13. In a far far off land, many years ago: all the coppers in Guzz had the same WWII medals as me Dad (some even more): they always wore a waterproof cape that they were quite prepared to flick you in the face with if you got lippy (and it hurt like a barsteward because it was always wet. ). Go home and complain to the Old Man, and he'd smack you around the ear for being lippy to the Old Bill. Trouble is today, too many rights given to the scrotes of this world, and not enough to the Beat Bashers: if they nick you, they have to be so careful about how they handle the miscreant, whereas my generation, gobby little sh1tes that we were, eventually learned our lesson, and stopped getting into trouble. Id like to think that if the Old Bill of today were given the latitude to dispense their own sort of justice as they were in the 50s without the "yooman rights" brigade getting involved, there wouldn't be half the trouble there is today - or is this just wistful thinking ?
  14. Definitely wishful thinking - Devonport CID were well renowned for being a complete bunch of crooks. The bigger problem is the now routine penchant for police lying, collusion and perjury. This is carried out by individual officers and apparently condoned and orchestrated by the police hierarchy.

    The inquest jury in the de Menezes case were directed by the judge that they could not return a verdict of unlawful killing. In protest they returned an open verdict and said categorically that they believed the police had lied throughout. The same with Harry Stanley - unarmed and shot in the back by the police. There are numerous other cases including Ian Tomlinson the newspaper seller attacked and killed by the police who then concocted a web of lies to cover their actions and got an in-house doctor to perform a cover-up autopsy. Only a video taken by an American tourist stopped the blame being put onto the protesters. This is institutionalised police perjury.

    The police are a necessary evil but I wouldn't trust any one of the mendacious barstewards as far as I could throw them.

  15. I must admit that I have always had good service from Mr Plod on a personal level, but they are not all perfect and unfortunately when they get it wrong it can be fatal for others. I find the current case of the suicide of a mother and her disabled daughter being investigated by a coroner very disturbing. The woman had been complaining to her local plods and the council for several years about almost constant harrasment by a local gang. What did Mr Plod do, nothing, what did the council do, nothing. So at the end of her tether the woman killed her daughter and herself. Interestingly the council man said if they had realised what was happening they would have reatced differently, but of course because they and the plod never investigated at all how could they ever really know what was going on.

    Mr Plod should not get oiur support on principle, they need to show they deserve it.
  16. Plod had the tools to deal with this case effectively - legislation was in place and was well understood.

    The Home Secretary is planning a speech later this week that will put the Lie cestershire police on the spot over it's [in]actions but it will be highly unlikely for Plod to suffer any disciplinary actions.

    Good article >

  17. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    It is very noticeable that it is easy to have a go at the Police Services of this country. They are a part of our community and are here to try and protect the population. We will get the Police Service that we deserve. Maybe it is time for all of us to become more responsible to the community in which we live. The days of 'Joe public' getting stuck in to help preserve law and order seem to have gone. With the miscreants nowadays too quick to use weapons in the furtherence of their crimes, it is no surprise that we pass quickly on. If we delegate this responsibility to the Police Force then we must allow them to do their job. If they fall short then, like the rest of us, they must pay the price. But lets stop the 'blame game' and offer constructive criticism, not destructive. We seem to forget that they are HUMAN just like the rest of us. The majority are doing a good job.
    (Don't know where all that came from!)
  18. As they rarely turn up, there can be nothing to have a grump about.
  19. Woe betide you if you do get stuck in.

    You then become the "miscreant".

    Easy targets to massage the figures.

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