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There are two competitions currently on the go and will run until Sunday 16th June at around about midday - or when I can be ARRSED to get round to it!!

These are:

Maverick One : Competition - Maverick One
The story of a Platoon Commander of the specialist Pathfinder Platoon.


Bravo Two Zero : the 20th Anniversary Edition : Bravo Two Zero - 20th Anniversary reprint
The original book with an additional 20,000 words (I take that as given and have not counted them!). See also OFAHs interview with Andy McNab here: - very interesting.

Once these competitions are out of the way, next week will have a brand new comp for one of 5 copies of a novel "Some Unholy War" by Terence Strong about an ex Special Forces guy now in civvy street and finding life hard. Look out for this one next week.
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