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Just about half way through this latest pair of competitions and some very interesting results:

Kill Switch - 92 people have viewed the competition, yet only 12 have had a go!

Scorched Earth, Black Snow - 40 have viewed this and although a better a better proportion have entered, still only 19 entries.

In Kill Switch those that have entered have done well with a high percentage getting all three questions correct.

Different story on Scorched Earth though - of the 19 entries, only 5 are correct in all three questions - some people jumping to conclusions. Read the question!

I will give you a wee clue though. Q2 asked why 41 Cdo never received their US Presidential Citation. I can assure you, and the one person who gave this as an answer, that it was not because the veterans were attending an underwater knife fighting course at the time! Just a small hint

Come on guys, let's support the site by entering these competitions. It supports the site because potential advertisers see how active the site is. Take a couple of minutes to enter and maybe even win a copy.
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