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The Great Escape has raised eyebrows and temperatures for years and Guy Walter has brought out a new book telling the real story of the Great Escape - well as he sees it anyway. This has been 'discussed' at length on ARRSE - see here - but this is your chance to get a copy of the book and make your own mind up (which ever one you want to use!).

The book has been reviewed by an ARRSER and that can be found here.

The entry form is on Survey Monkey and as ever it contains extremely simple questions, the answers for which can be found using that internetty thingy. There are five copies on offer.

The Real Great Escape.jpg

Competition closes on Sunday 3 March 2013.


War Hero
Review Editor
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Winners & answers

Once again a competition draws to a close and the winners of this one are:

  • drain_sniffer
  • Markrs
  • Miner
  • kamp
  • SoldierX

As ever, I will email these guys for their address so I can get the book sent out.


Q1 - there were 97 tunnels prior to Tom, Dick & Harry

Q2 - 76 people made it out of the tunnel

Q3 - The escape was delayed because the hatch at the end of the tunnel was frozen shut
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