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Here is a change to win a copy of Andrew Salmon’s latest book about the Korean War. A vicious yet vital war that, believe it or not, was not fought solely by the USA! In this book AS brings us the story of British and Australian soldiers who fought in this conflict. Have a look at the review by TheIronDuke here for more info.

Scorched Earth, Black Snow.jpg
Scorched Earth, Black Snow​

To enter the competition go to the entry form on SurveyMonkeyand answer the questions correctly to have a chance of winning this book. The questions are multi-choice questions, so take your time and make sure you understand the question. Remember Google (or search engine of your choice) is your friend.

Have a go, it should only take a couple of minutes of your time. The competition closes at mid-day (Arrse time) Sunday 17th July.

Regardless of this competition (Just won it, too! :wink:) the bait may have drawn some interest to the Korean 'conflict' and helped to place that country's recent history in some sort of context. For that - BZ.

Busy as you are I'd be interested in seeing some more of your family photographs for the 'Caption' thread which you recently introduced. Please see to it, my man.

The ARRSE fraternity enjoyed 'em, so it might even keep some other RR bottom feeders (like me) busy, too.



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Competition answers - scorched earth, black snow

This competition has now closed, and has been probably the most fascinating for me to date. There are only 9 people with all three questions correctly answered. The answers are:

The first VC of the Korean War was won by:
(1) Private Bill Speakman, 1st KOSB, for repeatedly countercharging Chinese who had overrun his battalion;
(2) Major Kenny Muir, 1st Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, for holding off attacking North Koreans while Jocks wounded in a US napalm airstrike were evacuated.
(3) Colonel James Powers Carne, 1st Glosters, for his battalion's heroic stand at Imjin River.
(4) Private Michael Caine of 1st Royal Fusiliers, for defeating the Zulu "human wave"
(Answer: 2)

In 1957, after extensive lobbying by the US Marine Corps, 41 Commando, Royal Marines, was awarded the US Presidential Unit Citation for its actions at the battle of Chosin Reservoir. The unit could not receive the award because:
(1) 41 Commando had been annihilated
(2) 41 Commando had been disbanded
(3) HM Government, in high dudgeon after Suez, refused to accept a US citation
(4) All of 41's Chosin veterans were attending an underwater knife fighting course at the time
(Answer: 2)

The current ruler of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea is Kim Jong-il. He:
(1) Has only ever spoken once to his adoring public - excitedly uttering the immortal words, "Long live the glorious North Korean People's Army!" - but routinely impresses his bodyguards with his accuracy with a handgun;
(2) Once ordered his spies to kidnap a South Korean actress and her film director husband in order to make a cinematic masterpiece about a gigantic metal-eating monster;
(3) Is the only son of the 'Eternal President' of North Korea (who, incidentally, died in 1994);
(4) Is all of the above
Answer: (4)

I will have the winners in the next day or so once they have been drawn by the author. Wait, out!


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The winners have now been picked by Andrew Salmon, author of this very interesting book. There were only 9 people with correct answers to all three questions so they can be very pleased with themselves, but there are only 2 books available and the winners are..........................




Congratulations to you both, and just ignore the please and moans of the unlucky winners and those whose knowledge was not sufficiently good to get into the winners' pool. :-D

For the majority who did not get the answer to the questions correct or were not lucky enough to have been selected, go here to buy the book - you know you want to!

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