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The second book competition is for the chance to win a copy of the book by Sean Rayment on the work of the EOD guys, the dangers, stresses and courage of these people. A job I would never have the nerve to do. This is a superb book which is currently being reviewed for ARRSE; once the review is received I will put up and link in. In the meantime here are the reviews from Amazon.

For your chance to win go to the entry form on Survey Monkey and complete the answers correctly. As ever – RTFQ before answering.

BOMB HUNTERS by Sean Rayment​

Bomb Hunters.jpg

This is a brilliant opportunity to get a copy of this book and read about the exploits of the men and women whose task it is to get rid of IEDs.

The competition will run until midnight (ARRSE time) Saturday 13th August.
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Aplogies Dear Competition Filler-inners for the delay in getting back to this competition with the results and answers.

partly down to my being busy this week (for a change) and also change of personalities at the publishers.

before I go into the answers for this competition and also for BLACK HEARTS, I would just like to remind people of the rulkes of the competitions.

Rule 1 - Auld Yin (Ageing_Gracefully on this site) is always right, and what he says goes.
Rule 2- If AY (A_G) is proved to be wrong - refer to Rule 1.

Now that the pleasantries are out of the way, here are the answers for BOMB HUNTERS:

Q1 - Sean Rayment was embedded with the JFEOD, part of the CIED Task Force. What do these two sets of initials stand for?
A1 - Joint Force Explosive Ordnance Disposal, and Counter Improvised Explosive Devices [Task Force] (both set of initials were asked for so only 1 set = wrong!)

Q2 - Sean Rayment served in the British Army in the 1980s, what was his Regiment and rank on leaving?
A2 - Parachute Regiment : Captain

Q3 - Some of the devices were done using Category A procedure - what does this mean?
A3 - No protective suit donned, no cordon set, no remote vehs can be used. This was the answer I picked up from Google and the one I was looking for, and I must say one which several people came up with. However, my inexperience and lack of any knowledge shows up here and Dingerr kindly came up with a definition of the scenario which several people used. I have decided (see Rule 1) to allow Dingerr's definition when used in this competition as well as my own answer.

Having said all that, and allowing for my lack of knowledge etc, there are 17 people who have answered all three question successfully. I have been in touch with the publisher to pick the prize winners and will put up here as soon as I know.

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