Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by whitemouse, Jan 17, 2008.

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  1. Lesbian in the Army gets £400k for alleged insults about her sexual preferments, a TV actress gets £5mil for contracting MRSA (I wonder if the all the others will get the same ?), an RAF typist gets oodles of cash for a sore thumb - but a soldier who loses both legs, is brain damaged, gets a very reluctant increase from MoD, despite serving his country.

    Does it make you wonder what the importance of a persons life is, these days.


    I can't be a***d to put a link - it's all over the papers anyway !!
  2. Its a lottery of who gets in the press, if your in the press open your wallet really wide.
    My dad has been paying his taxes all his life and served in the ambulance service for many years. He is diabetic and 12 months ago he banged his toe, this meant it had to come off. Long story short he contracted MRSA lost 4 toes had septecemia, spent 6 months in hospital including last new year and christmas, came so close to dying he actually said goodbye and they had to pump him full of drugs so powerfull it would have turned hit tears pink. He tried to claim of the NHS for this and all he got was a letter through the post saying dont be daft we arnt giving you any money.
    Is it right that burglars can fall through a roof and get compo but honest people and serving soldiers cant?
    It doesnt matter what you do and what is wrong it depends how many stupid laws you trigger, how thick the judge is and how much press you get.
  3. But of course if it happens to an MP he gets pensioned off and a massive compo claim!

    Compensation is a tricky area to administer, but be sure that you are of a dodgy charecter, dont work anyhow, have an unusual need to self injure yourself, have a sexual preference other than heterosexual (so nobody gets offended!), and most of all an illegal immigrant. If you fit any of these sterotypes, then you are quids in!

  4. Wrong actually!!

    They are told to go on the back benches when they make a b***s up and let the dust settle and I will give you another soft overpaid job in some other dept.

    It was only the other day out walking past the old farm mam used to takes us to feed the ducks on the little pond it was a grand day out. Now all fenced off overgrown if a child fell in the farmer would be sued to bankruptcy. Compensation was just a word in the old days. And nobody ever fell in!!

    Those prats in the old town would stop and ask if you had an accident in the last few years that was not your fault. On the bench it was always the low life just returning from signing on rubbing their legs telling the long sad story to the solicitors agents.
  5. Is that what they are calling AIDS these days???
  6. It looks as if another cash strapped NHS trust has to stump up a ridiculous
    amount of taxpayers money that it can ill afford. Who is to say that she would have earned that amount of money in her lifetime if she had remained fit enough to work. And how can it be proved that she did not contract this condition outside of the NHS setup. Why didn't the trust contest the case. It appears to me that like other organisations that are funded by taxpayers money, they all agree to out of court settlements without putting up a defence.
  7. Sir Gerald Nabarro said it all years ago 'If you have the money you will win the money' (or words to that effect !)
  8. You've been taking isolated cases reported by the Daily Wail and News of the Screws too seriously. The reality is quite different.

    :threaten: :threaten: :threaten: :threaten: :threaten:

    When I started work in the civil service, being queer was a sackable offence. If you complained about harrassment for being gay where I work, they used to promote the harraser! I doubt things have changed much. At the end of the day, if you don't like the harrassment, you should leave and work for a better employer, or put up with it. :rambo:
  9. What a man!

    The castration of sex-criminals, the repatriation of Caribbeans, the flogging of muggers. He opposed Europe, the abolition of capital punishment, drugs, students, pornography and pop music. He supported Enoch Powell on immigration and white rule in Rhodesia. If he could have, he would have stopped the calendar at 1959.

    The wrong way round the roundabout springs to mind!!

    Of course he never did it! His secretary with the handlebar moustache drove the car.

  10. :eek:mg: :eek:mg: :eek:mg:

    When were students and porn banned? o_O

    You learn something new everyday on RR!
  11. But the best pornography is often made by students.. :thumright:
  12. Porn/ students???? Never, not in my day!
  13. I believe the references to the press are spot on. Part of this wildly excessive compensation has come about because of misreporting and the fear of NHS organisations that their name will be dragged through the mud. We all must know that litigation for organisations is cripplingly expensive, so they will more often than not settle out of court.

    As to Leslie Ash: she chose to have some botox work done on her very pretty face that went badly wrong, so her earning potential was nothing like it had been. She contracted what the press are calling a "strain of MRSA" called MSSA, which is absolute tosh: Both MSSA and MRSA are strains of common-or-garden Staphylococcus Aureus, which everybody carries around on their person. Methicillin is one of the most potent antibiotics in the medical arsenal and it doesn't kill MRSA, but it does kill MSSA, so MSSA is effectively the normal variant.

    If it was proved that Leslie Ash's infection was down to an infected needle, then she has a case for litigation against the manufacturer of the infected equipment, but it would appear that a NHS Trust has had to stump up what is effectively taxpayers' money to settle this case and this has to be wrong.
  14. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    I thought Ash's settlement was half a million not five million
  15. half mil was the original reported settlement, but that was corrected to 5m yesterday

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