compass watches in military mills

ok in a nut shell i want a digital compass watch that gives the bearin in mills as apose to degrees, just a cheap one to get through recruit training, mind you a few of the nav exe's i have done i aint even needed my compass just rely on map to ground and jog up the hills and slide down em, if any one knows anywhere online i could get one it would be good even if just for future refrence once i get my green lid

I found the cheapest one are usually throught the RI shop at CTC. I think it's ext 4218. Must say tho, i wouldnt bother with one. Nowt beats a silva in your top left pocket lol - tho now the RI shop has a gucci compass in mils that has no ice whatever and has the same accuracy as a prismatic, also trilux element for night. Cost about 50 quid if i remember rightly.
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