Comparison of pay

Whilst reading my copy of Stern (a German weekly magazine) my attention was attracted to rates of pay for various trades/jobs in Germany. I was a bit gobsmacked to see how much your Bundesmarine partners in crime don't earn. A Kapitänleutnant (Lt Cdr) as captain of a mine sweeper gets an average of € 3188 a month (national average is about € 3100.00) plus € 184 a month divers pay and € 35.00 per day at sea.
A Stabsbootsman (somewhere between PO and Chief) gets € 2632 a month.
Not a lot really, how does the RN compare?
On base salary that's about a third lower then here.

A Lt Cdr I/C MCM would be about four or five years in as a Lt Cdr, needn't be a diver. So just equate that to a Sqn Ldr salary at the same seniority.

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