Comparative size of the Type 45s

I have wanted to see a picture comparing the 45s to the 42s, or 23s... and then when checking Google Earth today I looked at Portsmouth dockyard to the west of the new ship building sheds and you can se the bow section of a type 45 next to a type 23. It is then that you realise just how big they are going to be...

Has anyone got a picture of HMS Daring next to a 42?
Sorry couldn't find one of the T45 next to a T42 matey, but found this picture of one next to a T23 here :

Thanks to NavyMatters for the pic :)

Hope it helps :)


Lantern Swinger
We did a comparison side-by-side when we did our T45 cutaway a couple of years ago. From memory Daring's slightly longer than Dreadnought (the battleship not the boat).
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