Company Prevents Staff Using Ipods!!!!

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Joint_Force_Harrier, Jul 2, 2009.

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  1. That must be a throbbing job if you have to listen to an iPod to get through the day, although I suppose in Civviedom berating your workmates with horrendous abuse to pass the hours isn't allowed either. Still, they can't stop you watching filth on it in the loo though can they? Haha, sue them for a wanking injury instead!
  2. Trust me the boredom here is not as bad as listening to crabs in JFH belittleing the RN!! Looking for a job, recruiting design engineers here!!! Get you own computer, just dont get your headphones out!!!
  3. :roll: :roll: You can blame Faye and Arthur!!!! for that :lol: :lol: :lol:
  4. Fair one. Dirty, whingeing, gash at drinking, fat part time bastards.
  5. And just you wait until you go outside!!! 8O 8O
  6. Most of the arguments put forward are pretty specious. I can see an argument for information security, but you'd also have to ban the use of USB memory sticks, external hard disks etc.

    The hearing issue is classic right wing authoritatianism. No clear purpose.
  7. Well that this years productivity target down the pan. It would seem that actions likely to reduce worker happiness and thus productivity at a time of rescession would be a bad Idea.

    Some HR people are just plain stupid.
  8. Common dog should apply here. There are workplaces where listening to an ipod is no problem and there are workplaces where it could get you killed.

    But common dog is in increasingly short supply in todays world.
  9. Latest E Mail.

    In view of the recent review of Health & Safety Issues, all employees are to wear slip-on shoes only. There have been a number of cases where laces have become undone and have presented an obvious trip hazard.
  10. Ye gads if my lot imposed that there'd be mass resignation and requests for transfer! I even get the BBC i-player on the (encrypted) laptop which is a bonus during downtime :)

    Sounds to me like someone's lost their sense of perspective.

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