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Community is in shock following the death of an 11-year-old!


A community is in shock following the death of an 11-year-old boy shot in a pub car park.

Merseyside Police said the boy was playing football with two friends near the Fir Tree pub in Croxteth, Liverpool, when he was shot by a teenager who rode past on a BMX bicycle with his face covered by a hood.

One of three bullets fired hit the boy in the neck. Paramedics had still been working on the victim when he arrived at Liverpool's Alder Hey Hospital.

Assistant Chief Constable Simon Byrne told a press conference: "Someone out there knows who put the gun in his hand and I want your help to get the community to turn that gunman in.

"This is quite an awful crime, quite senseless, and the community holds the clue to solving it quickly."

The Fir Tree pub was surrounded by police tape, with officers standing guard overnight. A neighbouring parade of shops and a large car park were also sealed off.

Buses from the local transport company Arriva were thought to have been commandeered by police to ferry away people who were in the pub at the time of the shooting.

The Croxteth Park Estate was formerly the biggest private housing estate in Western Europe. It was built in the mid 1980s and comprises bungalows, detached and semi-detached houses.

One woman resident said: "The Merseyside Police gun crime unit, Matrix, is always here raiding houses and making seizures. But no matter how many times it comes it can't seem to keep track of all the guns.

"The children pass the guns around each other as if they were football collector cards. There is no mystique about guns, there's no fear, they are just a status symbol. And now it seems anyone who wants one can get hold of one."

Is it safe to bring children into the world anymore?

They should find the **** who did this, and execute him with a can of petrol and a match, on the spot!
Re: Community is in shock following the death of an 11-year-

Hang on press rewind and start again

Oh dear it is not a video it is for real.

Hands up those who have heard little kids pointing in the video/dvd shop at a totally obscene horror and then state they have watched it.

Quatermass and the pit put the shites up me in 1959 and that is nothing to what they are churning out now!!!

Round the mates house one afternoon and he was along with his youngster watching that latest Hannibal Lecter movie. Another warped brain ready to hit the streets.

Thoughts are with the family at this sad time.


Lantern Swinger
rhys jones

it takes a lot for me to get emotional about something but i just wanted to offer my condolences to the family of young Rhys Jones, the 11 year old who was shot in liverpool a couple of days ago. like me he is an evertonian and he was killed doing what he loved, playing football, all my thoughts and prayers are with his family. if anyone is interested then please go to this website (you will need to register) and please contribute to the Sticky Thread that is going on.
I feel desperately sorry for the bereaved family but would say 'Please no knee jerk legislation'.
We have had that before with gun control and it plainly did not work.


It's horrendous tragic news, the law needs to toughen up anyone caught carrying a firearm or knife should go down for 10 years and if there is not enough prison space build some more.


War Hero
FLOODQ said:
I live in Dunblane and still we have not learned the lessons of that sad day - Ban the Guns NOW!

Hand guns are banned some of the stuff comes in from Iraq/Afganistan.
It`s only the illegal ones thats left.


Lantern Swinger
FLOODQ said:
I live in Dunblane and still we have not learned the lessons of that sad day - Ban the Guns NOW!

Problem is...they are banned.

Just as further above,the legislation is in place to give an automatic 5yr prison term to anyone carrying a knife.
But... if you don`t get 5yrs for murder anymore your not going to get 5yrs for carrying.

The more i think about it the more i think elected judges is the way forward.


Yet another incident that rips the heart and soul out of merseyside. Such a tragic waste of life. I work the area and the buzz going round is the poor lad was in the wrong place at the wrong time. The car wash by the pub has been shot at b4 in another area and the local gun gangs are involved and the BMW was the intended target. RIP son. my heart goes out to all his family and friends.
Re: Community is in shock following the death of an 11-year-

My heart aches for his parents and family. I have two sons his age. But they did ban the guns after Dunblane and I had to give up 3 perfectly good handguns. I never had any intentions of shooting anyone outside a theatre of conflict. I surrendered my firearms certificate after that. Gun legislation in this country is OTT for law-abiding citizens. But still guns are available on the streets for the criminal element. Maybe if the government and the bleeding heart liberals would stop standing up for the rights of the very people who make life a misery for the majority of hard working law abiding British citizens and allow the armed police to drop these ********* on sight without suspensions from duty, inquiries and thousands of pounds compensation to their criminal families. Police state I hear you cry! Nah, just one where the police are doing their job properly and protecting us. Then maybe the UK would be a better place to live and UK nationals would stay here instead of fleeing abroad to safer countries. And they could also stop these so called asylum seekers and refugees from gun cultures and war zones getting in too, because surely its these bastards who are bringing the weapons in.
FLOODQ said:
I live in Dunblane and still we have not learned the lessons of that sad day - Ban the Guns NOW!

We banned the guns-------- as the old saying goes ban guns and only the
criminals will have them.
If it ain't guns--its knives or baseball bats or even cricket bats.

I wonder what the Police will do now--- they are supposedly about to review the Gun Laws--again!!!

:nemo: :nemo:
All sympathy to parents, relatives and friends; what a bloody waste of a young life.

I agree entirely that we have all the legislation we need. It just needs enforcing and, above all, fearing. These "gangsta" turds seem to think they are living in a parallel society. "No soak wi me Babylon!" Sorry but the link must be obvious. We seem to have have acquired a parallel with Kingston, Jamaica. I've listened to the various "yoof" interviews and a word that keeps coming up is "respect". A "piece" buys "respect" and showing no respect gets you "blown away".

Why this poor little sod though? Wouldn't join a gang? Who knows. Was it an initiation test for a gang? You "waste" someone and you get "respect". Was young Rhys just the kid with the short straw? Picked at random as a chance for some pond life to get respect from the "brothers"?

I really think that the "war on terror" has taken our eye off the ball again.

RIP Rhys.


War Hero
Little Rhys Jones shot dead on Wednesday. No involvement in any of the problems usually associated with gun crime. Two men shot in Letchworth on Thursday. How many since then that we've not heard about? How many shootings this year in total? It seems to me that gun crime is out of control in this country. Since the tragedy in Dunblane and despite the ban on handguns, gun crime continues to rise. All of it done with illegally held weapons. Then there is the multitude of stabbings that seem to be happening on almost a daily basis.

The Broon has said that it was a "heinous crime that shocked the whole of the country" and has pledged to introduce new laws to crack down on gang culture. These are the usual platitudes that are regularly trotted out by our political leaders whenever incidents of this nature occur, yet nothing has been done, and still they are happening.

We don't need new laws, we need the current laws to be enforced effectively. That means realistic sentences for the perpetrators, not just as a punishment for their crimes, but to get them off the streets for a very long time so they don't have the opportunity to repeat their actions. The streets need to be safe and if a little boy like Rhys is not safe, what hope for the rest of us?

How often have you seen in the media that a bloke has confronted a group of yobs causing problems to him, his familly or property, and then ended up getting stabbed, shot or just given a damned good kicking for his trouble? Would you remonstrate with these yobs knowing what might happen? The government is considering compelling witnesses to give evidence against gang members. Oh really! Do they honestly think that people are going to open themselves up to the retribution of the yobs when all they get is a worthless ASBO.

Part of the problem is the ease in which guns are getting into the country. We can't stop illegal immigrants getting in, let alone handguns or drugs. We must tighten our border controls. We need many more police out on the streets, acting as a visible deterrent and to reassure the public. We need meaningful prison sentences and take away the prisoner's luxuries. Get rid of their TVs and playstations etc. They're in prison to be punished, not have a cushy time of it. They should also serve a full term, not be let out after serving half the sentence.

It's high time criminals began to fear the police, the courts and the laws instead of laughing at them as they do now.

Do my opinions sound a bit right wing to you? If they do I make no apology. Too much is made of individual human rights. Along with human rights come responsibilities and there is a major imbalance at the moment. IMHO the rights of the law abiding majority in society overide those of the minority law breakers, the "I know my rights, you can't touch me" brigade.

From the news, a 16 year old youth has been arrested for Rhys' murder. I hope they've got the right person and if they have I hope he gets sent down for a VERY long time. Somehow I doubt it though, they'll always be some do-gooder making excuses for criminals.
Re: Community is in shock following the death of an 11-year-

I think all on here are singing from the same song sheet. It's a pity the highly paid politicians don't listen to us or readthese "insignificant" web pages from the SILENT MAJORITY, we who take it on the chin and get on with it. The politicians are too busy chasing votes from the "CO2 brigade" and other insignificant groups to be arsed with the true Red, White and Blue British population from all back grounds and beliefs. Cos us true Brits have given up on politics and just go with the flow. Hence the 35 - 40 % turn out at elections. Gun crime is here to stay as long as "I'm alright Jack" has his satellite, PS3, and decent car with a CO2 friendly flight to the sun for his 2 weeks holiday twice a year. Meanwhile, he lets his kids do what they want, terrorising the neighbourhood and hits the police with legal action everytime his kid gets lifted. And no win, no fee solicitors, will boost their bank accounts defending this young gun man who cut down an 11 year old child in the name of a "fair trial". We are heading for anarchy, not from the irresponsible adults that spawn these young criminals, but from right wing vigilantes who will become police, judge, jury and executioner. And that's what I fera the most. This country needs to elect a Government who honours our traditions and beliefs, that can stop this drink, don't give a toss, hedonistic, "I'm bored, that's why I do it" life style and until one appears that can replace this bunch of hypocrites we will see these atrocites happen again and again. Sad ain't it?

Deleted 7

Re: Community is in shock following the death of an 11-year-

God bless that little boy and his family, my heart goes out to them.

I hope the stupid kid who shot him is found ASAP and further more, I hope his parents feel VERY ashamed of their son!

Detectives investigating the murder of schoolboy Rhys Jones are questioning a 16-year-old.

The youth was arrested on Friday afternoon in the tough Norris Green area of Liverpool after two other teenagers had been bailed by police.

Rhys, a football-loving 11-year-old, died on Wednesday night after being shot in the neck in the car park of the Fir Tree pub in Croxteth, Liverpool.

He was making his way home, dressed in an Everton FC shirt, when a teenage gunman on a BMX bike opened fire.

As Rhys lay bleeding and struggling for life, he was cradled by his mother Melanie, 41, who rushed to the scene from the family home just a few hundred yards away.

The Sun newspaper has put up a £100,000 reward in the hope that it will prompt a vital new lead over Rhys's death.

Yahoo news

Suppose The Sun is doing something good with the reward, I just hope no time wasters apply!


War Hero
Book Reviewer
With reference to the title of this thread: "Community is in shock following the death of an 11-year-old...". Yes it is tragic, but it seems the community is not as shocked as they claim on their Myspace tribute pages, as the Police have announced that they were 'disappointed' with the local public's apathetic response for information into the shooting.
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