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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by invinoveritas, Jun 16, 2007.

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  1. Is our beloved Secetary for Communities a bit Mutt and Jeff?

    She has 5 children which makes one think.."Do you want to go to sleep, or what?"
  2. "Mutt and Jeff" ?
    WTF is "Mutt and Jeff" !!

    Surely you mean MUTTON JEFF

    Effing mockney twats!
  3. Do I?
  4. What do you think ya wally! ;)
  5. I would have gone with Mutton Jeff as well, but...
  6. Jimmy thats rubbish mate.
    My family come from North, South AND East London (only posh twats in west London ;) ) and we all agree that its "Mutton Jeff" NOT "Mutt AND Jeff" :)
  7. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Mutt and Jeff were two cartoon characters.
  8. Lamri, I agree with you. I've always known it to be 'mutton' as well, so I was surprised to see it as Mutt and Jeff. BTW, my familly are all from London but only my grandfather (I think) was a cockney. I was lucky and managed to escape with the rest of the family when I was but knee high. And looking at the place now, thank fuck we did.
  9. I know, and perhaps i'm being pigheaded here (just for a change ;) ), but its the usage and those that use the slang, isn't it? Not the way someone writes it on a website as linked above for instance. Sorry to, erm, hijack your thread Mr Wino btw :)

    Jimmy, I think you were well lucky mate :) I was one of the last "true" cockneys born. When I go back now, its not home any more, I don't like it one bit. Even my dad (who's a cabby) hates it thanks to Mr Livingstone and his ilk.
  10. No. I mean Mutt and Jeff. Mutton is but a contraction of-- Mutt and--
  11. And with such a statement, you show your true self.
  12. Lamri

    Like you i'm from an original London family although as you pointed out it's not like what it used to be. I too know it as "Mutton" mate but it could have been "Mutt and jeff" as you know how us Lodoners shorten words and speak fast.

  13. You're quite right mate, I must attempt to stop flashing, and let the numpties have it their way instead [​IMG]
  14. Must keep up our own traditions lamri seeing as it's now Londonistan me old china!!
  15. You got that Londonistan bit spot on mate.

    Before we got married, I once picked the missus up from her mum and dads in Bethnal Green (or Bengal Green as my dad calls it) and took her along Whitechapel Road for a Pizza. On the way we were surrounded by about 8 Pakistani kids, just as it was about to kick off, some old boy came along and shooed them away. We walked off and had out pizza but I was effing fuming all night.
    Thing is, its full of little shits like that walking around in gangs knowing that they can't be touched. Spitting as you walk past, swearing and offering you out, but as soon as you say something back or square up to them they (very) publicly brand you as rascist!!
    The fact is, London IS becoming more and more rascist but against the Asian and Eastern European influx more than White against Non-White.
    It is a backlash that will continue until it comes to a bloody head i'm afraid.
    There is no way I would bring my kids up in that atmosphere. My mother in law works at a primary school in Bethnal Green. They don't celebrate ANY Christian festivals whatsoever. The VAST majority of kids in the school don't even speak English, and you can forget about the parents. Effing joke.
  16. My ex sister in law had her scans etc for my little niece at the London hospital in Whitechapel. En route she would be constantly harassed by our Asian friends because she was a red head. They just wouldn't take no for an answer. The racial experiment doesn't work, i understand that the UK needs immigration because of the falling birth rate but this is ridiculous. Well done new labour you fuckwits!!

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