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Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by Brummielad, Feb 27, 2008.

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  1. Is tihs a good branch to join for pay and promotion opportunites. Also what is training like and what jobs can you do in civvie street after being one in the navy.

    Any info is greatly appreciated

    Tar Lads
  2. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    It's a good branch if you wanna become a Secret Squirrel...

    "MI5 - not 0900 to 1700" :wink:
  3. There are at least 3 CT's on this site, myself, 'The-Matelot' & 'Squirrel' who will try and assist you. The pay is the same as most other trades now that 'tiff' pay has gone. CT's are 'higher' payband throught their career. I'm not too sure about promotion as I did my course 16 years ago and things have changed! IE the course is now half the length. I believe that promotion is quicker than some other trades, how quick though I don't know.
    Hope this helps & good luck.
  4. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Hi jacking (thats got a few excited) the thread slightly, would this equate to the old RO(S)?
    I came out as an LRO(SM) which basically meant that I didn't know anything about those teleprinter things but had a higher standard generally in the old CW.
    A heads up on the current equivalents to the RO grades would be appreciated.
  5. Broadly yes, although things have moved on a lot.

    Nowadays RO(T) and RO(G) have gone through a branch merger, Warfare branched to Operator Mechanic (Comms) and are now Warfare Specialist (Comms & Information Systems)
  6. As a CT you will be limited to the amout of sea billets available, basically carriers, T22's (ie Gulf) and submarines.
  7. So do the 23's, 42's, survery ships and RFA's we deploy on not count!

    CT's are currently doing deployments galore as 'riders' on these ships.
  8. Chaz, as a young CT how many deployments do you actually get?
  9. That entirely depends on where your drafted to. If your drafted to a flat top or a Type 22 then obviously your ships company. We also deployable pools that get deployed for various reasons. I for example am in a deployable pool currently drafted to the OWOB in Whitehall however, I've just been drafted to join Y Squadron RM and am deploying with them somewhere hot & sandy for six months in October.

    At any one time in addition to the ships above I'd estimate (and it is only an estimate) that CT's would be deployed on 4/5 ships or boats. That excludes those detached on land in a tri-service enviroment.
  10. It seems one of the best trades to go for while in there you need grades etc.

    AET does interest me becuase there is quite a good chance you would get a job in civvie street and thats what worries me most i dont want to join and leave after 6 years with nothing and end up in a shop ( no offence).

    Also how do you apply to become a pti whilst in there? As i love my sport and fitness
  11. I have a friend joining as a CT (goes to Raleigh in june i think) from what he was telling me its great fun. Can even join the marines and do the Commando course or learn to torture i mean interogate people.

    P.S. don't mean to be nasty mate but you can die in the navy as well.
  12. I know that your getting wrong end of the stik what puts me off the marines is that you are in more danger than others.

    My cousins been in the navy 3 years and he hasnt even come close to deing.

    I know there is a chance of deing with whatever you do its just how big of a chance there is.
  13. thats ok then didn't mean to be nasty :thumright:
  14. just out of interest what is "deing"
  15. You can borrow my semaphore flags, from my RNXS days, if you want to develop some muscles on your arms! :) I also have an old Morse paddle key somewhere in my loft! :lol:

    Hopefully things have changed since I did my Teleprinter course...... they phased TPs out 3 months after I did my operators exams! :roll: :lol:
  16. the_matelot

    the_matelot War Hero Moderator


    I am directly involved with CT Training. Please do not insult my Branch by implying that we "torture" or interrogate people. You are showing a clear ignorance of what RN CT's actually do.

    After phase 1 training, you go to HMS Collingwood to do 18 weeks Phase 2 training that includes various modules such as Defence & Political Studies, voice procedure, messaging, basic sea survival training and communications principles to name but a few.

    After Collingwood, an AB(CT)2 will go to sea for approximately 6 months where you will complete an NBCD Taskbook and a CT Taskbook. From there, there is a 5 week module at Blandford to complete (more communication principles & maths). On successful completion of this, you will go to Defence College of Intelligence at Chicksands where you will do two modules totalling 26 weeks with a 3 week Leading Rates Command Course in the middle. When you complete this course, you will join an Operational Unit as an AB(CT)1.

    After approximately 9 months as an AB(CT)1, and on condition that you are showing satisifactory progress, you will become a Leading Seaman (CT). You should pick up your killick's at roughly the 2 1/2 year point as long as you don't cock up and do everything that is expected of you.

    From LS(CT) onwards, promotion is based on selection and aptitude. Training is ongoing and you should expect to be sent on further technical training courses/language courses of durations up to 18 months.
  17. I apologise. To be honest he did tell me it during a heated debate on stokers vs bunting tossers we were having during a night out. No offence meant.
  18. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    To "deify" is to make someone a god, so I'd guess that "deing" has a similar meaning, i.e. being made into a God - after only 3 years, I'm not surprsed he hasn't yet got his buttons! :)
  19. Sounds like one of those NAAFI queue dits to me. ;-) :)

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