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I recently passed my RT 90/120, medical and PJFT: 11:46min out and 9:12min return (It was a RM Officer PJFT originally).

Just a few Question for any gents that know the answers.

The AFCO offered me the Communications Technician role and it looks a fantastic opportunity for me. However I have several questions that the guy in the AFCO sort of skirted around when I asked hims several times and I felt he may have just been 'yes man'ing me.

What is the chance of having an opportunity to go commissioned from this role after a few years. Is it likely (If I show the right attitude and do the right things etc) or is it something similar to the RM where you're lucky if there is 5 core commissions a year.

Also what is the likely hood a CT would be allowed to attend the AACC and ever see any soldiering or is that unrealistic? Could I get attached to the 30 Commando Group or something similar.

If I hated it and just wanted to become a bootneck and eat glue (tongue in cheek I have a lot of respect) how easy would transferring between the two branches be?

The last question if you will (didn't ask this in the office in fear of being laughed out the room). I know you can apply for SF anywhere from the armed forces to any branch of SF, (I know SF questions are frowned upon, I just want to know if I am killing the dream stone dead if I take CT) however would a CT have a hope in hell of being put forward for Special Reconnaissance Regiment or would his basic soldiering exposure be at such a low level it just wouldn't happen?

(Before I get the standard focus on basic etc etc SF comes to those you least suspect etc etc I am just asking for the 14 year old me who has a dream and wouldn't forgive me for throwing it away).


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I'm a CT and have been one for a looooong time now.

We have no CTs who've ever gone SF. Truth is, there are very few matelots In SF. Lots of RM l though. You could volunteer, quite a few RN do, but the learning curve would be immense. If you want that, you should join the RM to give yourself the best chance.

You'll spend a lot of your career at sea, even more than current CT's do/did. this is due to the branch recapitalising with new equipment meaning new sea billets that will come on line over the next few years.

There are currently effectively no assignments available with 30 commando (y Sqn), but in the days of Afghanistan a lot of cts augmented them. There's no need for RN CTs there now though, as the RM CTs have grown to a sustainable strength themselves. Even when we had RNCTs there, there was no time or requirement to do the AACC, though several managed to get green lids back in 2001/2, before they decided it was superfluous.

Commissioning opportunities via UY/SUY are fairly good if you show aptitude and desire once in the fleet.


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Just to be clear, the AFCO don't actually offer jobs, they merely advise which jobs the individual is eligible for. Comms Tech is the top scoring job, hence the reason it will have been mentioned but there are plenty of other jobs available too if you score high enough for Comms Tech.

Although there are RM CTs, the role change from RM Officer to RN CT is a stark contrast. Why not RM Other Rank, for example?

My tip is have a look at Aircrewman, Air Engineering Technician, Medical Assistant, Marine or Weapons engineering roles on submarines and in particular the Advanced Apprentice scheme (if you meet the academic entry criteria) - starting pay is £31,100.



I'm looking into being a communication technician and I was wondering when the intakes were for this role.



I went for my LO interview and my interviewer suggested I consider CT due to my high RT score as I didn't have enough experience yet for officer.


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I'm looking into being a communication technician and I was wondering when the intakes were for this role.

There are a lot of moving parts Involved and the answer is never going to be straight forward.

Without knowing your circumstances or where you are in the process the answer, I’m afraid is how long is a bit of string. I do know they’ve added another CT Phase 2 course this training year. Which may or may not effect you.

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Just for perspective, from RT to Raleigh will be a waiting time of 18 months for me. But could be different for you.


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For me it will be a 15 months from RT to phase 1.

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