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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by rolling-stone, Jan 4, 2011.

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  1. i've been watching a few rn recruitment bits, and the program warship..

    all the CIS branch ive seen so far seem to be female, is this really the case, if so why ?? :S
  2. Women are better at communicating. CadetsMum will be along soon to give you a brief but informative post as to why. I say 'brief'..........
  3. No, not ALL female, the male ones can spell programme though... :wink:
    99 percent of the ones I've worked with have been male.
  4. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    I knew a female flag waver once, by christ she was good at oral.

    Does that count?
  5. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    In ball park figures, females comprise roughly 10% of the RN trained strength.

    Figures aren't available with regard male/female percentages by trade, however trades such as Naval Nurse, CIS, Writer, Medical Assistant & Supply Chain Logistician generally have slightly a higher than average percentage of females at Able & Leading Rate whereas engineering trades have below ten percent females. Bear in mind that in some cases females elect to leave the service if they marry or decide to have children for practical reasons whereas statistically more males elect to remain within the service, so females generally serve for significantly shorter duration on average.

    The last available figures (July 2010 Naval Service quarterly pocket brief) for trained strength by rank and gender are as follows:

    Flag Officer 40 males, 0 females
    Cdre 70 males, 0 females
    Capt 250 males, <5 females
    CDR 1 ,010 males, 30 females
    LT CDR 1 ,760 males 190 females
    LT 1 ,980 males, 370 females
    SUB LT 40 males, 10 females

    Total 5,150 male Officers 600 female Officers

    WO 640 males, 30 females
    WO2 570 males <5 females
    CPO 3 ,280 males, 180 females
    PO 3,580 males, 340 females
    LH 4,200 males 700 females
    AB 7,390 males 1,440 females

    Total 19,660 male Ratings, 2,690 female Ratings.
  6. It's because communicators are all fcuking women anyway, birds just seem to fit in to the branch nicely.

    I suppose it's fairly obvious when you think about it, all they do is sit in an office all day drinking tea and gossiping.

    The MCO is like a hair salon but more gay.
  7. 2 different answers here, the one from 2dd scares me, i'm really not up for that, so i hope it's a wind up :D..

    I never saw it as a girly job, a bit of a geeky job maybe.. Oh well more chance of me being able to join the 148 battery as cant imagine many females up for that..
  8. If it's any help, the WT shack on boats normally has the best porn stash.
  9. If you want to join 148 battery, join the booties, less of a waiting list too.

    All comms ratings play the old line that they 'work' closely with 148 and are therefore hard. In reality they very occasionally speak to someone on a radio who may be from 148 battery.

    It's like a Chef saying they are a fighter pilot because they once served beans on toast to a Harrier Jockey.
  10. How does the tea drinking fit in when CIS means coffee,internet and shredder??
  11. I left when they were still called OM(C)s, so I am not up to date on all the gash gossip unfortunately.
  12. Nowadays it's the best hard drive full of porn!
  13. And if you had worked harder at school you could have been one!!
  14. Hmmm... I can't speak for 2DD but no matter how hard I worked at school I could never have been a woman
  15. CIS is the sissy branch of WE. Plus they have to give the Wrens something to do on board when not entertaining the ME's in their sordid dungeons.
  16. Comms and met. The branches favoured by the rainbow flag waving glee watchers.

    MCOs are camper than Louie spence and Graham Norton sharing a lavender sleeping bag at the head of a row of the proverbial pink tents whilst waiting for the ugly Betty convention to open.
  17. anyone to defend the CIS branch?? i sense some jealousy more than anything
  18. Cheers dits. :roll:

    And if you'd tried harder at school you wouldn't have to spend all day noshing off the yeoman.
  19. Warlord:


    It's fun to stay at the.......

  20. Correct, I am jealous of:

    The attention (bollockings) through the hatch from the dreamy chops R for being oblivious to the fact that an ADEX is going on and dropping the comms.

    Being able to use the photocopier without asking.

    12 hours of on watch tea drinking and bitching about being nailed on the boatdeck and not spoken to since. (Male and Female)

    Reading everyones emails and telling the ships company that so and so's wife has filed for divorce.

    Banging on about joining 148 Bty but never doing it.

    Getting wet / hard when the AC walks in to check comms and fawning over him until he leaves.


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