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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by LaurenMc, Feb 4, 2013.

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  1. Has anyone on here applied for CIS?
    How are you getting on with your application, how far along are you etc...
  2. Just waiting on a date now, waited since july'11 and the suspense of waiting is now slowly killing me!
  3. Ahh, that's a long wait. Bet you can't wait to just get there! I know I can't, how did your interview go?
  4. Tell me about it! Will be worth the well, thats what I keep telling myself. Interview went well, pretty straight forward. Have you had your interview yet?
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  5. I've applied for CIS(SM). My PRNC in June 2013 and my start date is October 2013

    @tegr17 - Have you applied for surface or submarine?
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  6. Don't you read anything that's been written about persec and keeping some things to yourself? At the very least you've let all and sundry know who you are and when you're going to Raleigh. Depending on what comments you may have made in the past that might not work too well for you if you've upset either a fellow joiner or one of the staff. I'm not saying you have but it illustrates the point that spelling out all your info is not a good idea.

    Given the specialisation you're hoping to go in to I would get used to being a LOT more circumspect with what you say and write, especially in public fora.

    Edited to reflect the new-found wisdom of Graeme.
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  7. Point taken mate, didnt really think that anyone could get so much out of my info. But i've edited it anyway.

    Would probably be best if you edit your post that has my original post quoted in it.

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  8. The best part is the groups posted on the RN recruiting facebook "traveling from x with a join date xyz group " and boom a list of names, photos, addresses/area and a date you will be traveling down to Plymouth.

    It's about as sensible as a muslim joining the muslim defense league on facebook then bragging about it (yes this has happen on my FB)
  9. Nice one mate! I'm rather jealous haha. I've applied for surface so might be in for a slightly longer wait.
  10. The DV people will know everything, waaaa haaa waaa haaa (evil laugh)
  11. Hello, I've got my interview for CIS in a few days time. Just wondering if you could give me a some examples of questions they asked you? Would be very grateful!
  12. They questions they asked me were on things to do with my family life, work life, what hobbies i have etc. The only Navy question they asked me was what submarines we currently had.

    This thread helped me when i was preparing for my interview.
  13. Thank you very much :) was very useful and I passed this morning!!

    Thank you again!

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