Communications. Any hints on how long?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by potsjan, Sep 3, 2011.

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  1. Hi all,

    My son passed his entry test in May and has just got his GCSEs - 6 including English, French and Maths at C or above. He rang up the CIO and they weren't particularly interested, nor were they helpful in telling him how long it would be before his application gets moving. After persuading him to ditch his ear stretcher thanks to this board I would be grateful if anyone could give him an inside or well informed idea of how long he is likely to wait. He is 16 and therefore a pain in the rear anyway, but this constant waiting has turned the house into a battle zone between the pair of us! He can't be bothered to do anything apart from moan and take a total waste of time course at an FE College when he should be doing AS levels with his intelligence. At least an end date to this process, even an educated guess, could avoid him being hung from the yardarm before he gets into uniform!
  2. The jury is still out on whether the RNR can be used as a hold for RN candidates....

    The AFCO have the information to tell anyone applying what the wait times for a specific branch are, and I personally believe those wait times could be less, as perhaps all applicants may not in the end join.
  3. Just as a curios question, is there a minimum service requirement when successfully become a reservist? I ask this as surely becoming a reservist would mean so many years minimum service which would be longer than the current waiting times, meaning people wouldn't be able to join anyway..
  4. Which course has he opted to take at college, PotsJan?
  5. I don't think it's an 18 month wait I think it's a lot more. I've passed everything and sat rt in June 2010 and have no inclin of a date what so ever!!
  6. Cheers lads. At least I've got somewhere to start. Soleil , the course he's taking is lighting and stage management BTEC!! He did one am-dram production so he decides to do the course as a filler because there's as little effort involved as possible! Rolling Stone, are you communications as well then? What are you doing to fill in the time.
  7. Just a quick update. Apparently the CIO are now suggesting 30 MONTHS after being pushed! If that's the case he might go cold on the idea, but I just hope that it's a severe overestimate.
  8. hello, i have no idea on waiting times but i know most are massive, for me and others i have spoke to its a case of realising the RN is what i want to do, get my head around the long, long wait, getting through the application process and getting on with life, before i knew it i'm sat here with 18 month off my wait, possibly half way through, but still, its flown by.
    I have used my time by completing my Apprentiship for money and a trade, going away with the lads for the fun of it, and improving my fitness for the nature of training, all of a sudden 30 months doesn't actually seem that long.

    When its something we want to do, the wait is just a hurdle and time to prepare.

    Good luck to your lad.
  9. Errrr.. It's not
  10. Just to confirm the current waiting times for CIS is 30 months, for CIS (SM) it's 24 months.

    Yes these time may come down when we start to call forward candidates, who have been waiting sometime to be fully processed.

  11. Thanks for the confirmation ... if thanks properly indicates my feelings on the matter! I get the impression that my son will wait however long it takes. Obviously I will as well because it is a decision we totally support. However, it just gives me a fairly depressing view of the next two years with a truculent, bored and frustrated son fighting me and the rest of the family day after day.

    He hates the area we live in, as do I, so he will do anything to get out. I was looking forward to getting him off hand inside 18 months so I could go abroad to teach but it looks like that idea is screwed. If I may be faintly selfish for a second, I never thought his career was going to stop me from furthering my own, but of course when you have kids that is what you sign up for.

    The only thing I know for certain is that all the arguments and frustration are going to disappear when I see him pass out of basic training.
  12. Hello. I am considering becoming a CIS (or CIS SM) but I am already 35, does that mean I am too old already even though the official cut off age is 37, because the wait is so long? Are there any careers I can still go for that I will not hit the cut off age before the wait is over to join? I am only going in for a career presentation next week, not even formally applied yet. Just worried I would be wasting everyones time, including my own, and getting my hopes up. Also I had surgery this year. Will that increase the wait even longer?
  13. Welcome to Rum Ration, GG.

    When will you turn 37?

    What kind of surgery have you had and when?
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  14. Thank you Soleil.
    I turn 37 mid-november 2013. The surgery was bilateral mastopexy. Basicly i had stuff removed from my chest a year ago, and this was a clearup of some heamatoma etc from that. Hope that helps you advise me.
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  15. You basically need to be in the running for something with an under 18 month waiting time which isn't Aircraft Controller, Engineering Technician or Diver.

    This is dependent, of course, on a medical opinion from a RN Medical Officer.

    There is a resident RN Doctor on Rum Ration; when he next does a ward round, hopefully he will add a comment from his perspective.
  16. Where are the waiting times for the careers listed? I was hoping for CIS as I am good with languages (I learned chinese). But I also have two degrees (B.SC. and Ph.D.) in science, and I am pretty flexible if it makes the difference of getting a navy career or timing out.

    Thanks for the info.
  17. hmmm i sniff a bite
  18. Which part?
  19. I have done many days of searching on the RN website, and on here hoping to find a list of updated waiting times for intake into the various jobs. Alas I have failed to find such a thing, so my guess is there is not one.

    Some of you may wonder "if he really wanted a life in the navy why did he leave it so long". If you do wonder, you may ask and I will tell you my life story hehe, but I shall not junk up this thread with it. As I hope I have proved with getting my degrees I can do hard graft and deferred gratification. My concern with the long wait is I may become too old to do this at all. I would really want to become a CIS as I feel my interests and talents would be best there. I am hoping though that there may be some kind of second choice I could make that would be well suited to me also. While I would not pick a job just on its wait time, there is clearly no point considering one with an even longer wait than CIS. At present I am just doing voluntary work, I don’t have a job. I want to work in something where I am being useful, the job is the motivation; not the paypacket, and I am challenged (in a good way). I honestly want to use my skills and abilities to make the world a better place as part of a team that works. I was hoping against hope that the chance for a military career had not passed me bye. There are so many concerns I have over other things that might get in my way, medical and religious things, but right now the first thing to find out is can I get in at all (everything else being ideal) given my age. I realize I can ask questions after the informal presentation on Tue. But the more good info I can get beforehand, the less bone those questions will be.
  20. Chinese (whatever dialect of) won't be of much use to you no matter what branch of the RN you're interested in, that includes Communications Technicians who have personnel employed as both linguists & interpreters.

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