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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by STHUF, Aug 23, 2010.

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  1. I Signed up the other day as a Communications and Information systems specialist the other day; I've read all the information about the job online and in the brochures from the AFCO.
    But i'd like to know what do you actually do in the job, all i've heard so far is about the skills that i will gain.
    So what would a normal day be like for instance?

  2. Using the computer skills you have, use the search function. There are oodles of threads on the subject.
  3. Too be honest theres not that much information on this job, and what there is a couple years old. So why dont we try have a new thread about it without referring to search, as otherwise we might as well just close this forum altogether other than the search!!

    Any info much appreciated as i am planning on going into CIS next year, passed all tests other than interview.. Was a 2nd choice for me as i really wanted to be a CT, still a little unsure though..
  4. I commented on a similar thread only a few weeks back, so that should be pretty current IMHO. Go search!
  5. To be even more honest Timbo, we can't be bothered to repeatedly answer the same questions. That's why using the search function saves you getting grief from some members of this site.


  6. Thats a really helpful post cheers brigham. When i search CIS the earliest one to show up is from feb so...

    Whats your opinion of how useful/transferable the skills/qualis gained are upon leaving the navy? If at all..
  7. I would say 'very' as since I left the RN in June 2006 I have had jobs which have very much related to the skillsets I gained as a Communicator. A lot will depend on professional courses you get yourself on whilst in the RN and also, any further training out of branch you attend as well.

    There are a lot more 'certified' courses now than when I was moving up the promotion ladder, especially within the IT world, which should set you up for when finally leaving. My advice would be to take as much advantage of further education and enchanced learning within the RN as you can, things such as ITIL, Prince 2 etc. These are all the sort of things prospective employers currently tailor their adverts too. Of course, these will proabably have no meaning in 22 years time! :)

    If you need any other help, just let me know and I will PM you.
  8. It was mentioned to me while sorting out documents at the AFCO that the WEO and IS role were being merged.

    Based on some of this information I can't see how. Maybe I misinterpreted what I was told (and thus will check next time I speak to them).
  9. It is true that the WE officer role is joining up with the IT officer role. Meaning that cetain WE officer will have a background of IT rather than electrical engineering. Therefore meaning that WE officers will probably get streamed in to their specialist field.


  10. Similar to the MASIS 2 report of a few years ago then?
  11. CRS doing everything again it for people :lol: Cheers easy

    And no appology for the attitude from Timbo what a surprise.
  12. Many thanks for clearing that up supermario.

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