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Communication technicians


This is to all the ct's really. I passed my interview, psychometric etc in September of last year. I still have all of this year to wait with an expected joining date in the first quarter of 2008. I am asking if anyone can shed some light on the job (as much as is permissible). Like what languages are available and what rank you have to be to study them. Will ct qualifications set you up in civvie street? I heard the promotion up to chief petty officer is done through automatic advancements rather than selection ? What postings have you had in England or overseas. And is it true that cts aren't based on ships but will join them for a while when needed? And is it exciting? I'm looking forward to the rn but all this waiting is driving me crazy. I want you whet my appetite and keep me hanging in there really.
thanks in advance
regards djw


Lantern Swinger
Hi there Jellyfish.
Our branch is undergoing some pretty major changes over the next couple of years. Promotion will only be automatic up to Petty Officer, with promotion to Chief being on selection. There is a new training structure to the branch with the first people to go through that, undergoing basic as we speak. As for languages, the recruiting documentation is a little out of date, as Russian isn't taught to a lot of people anymore, although there is still a requirement. Arabic is very much in demand though, as are a number of other languages which I won't mention on here due to OPSEC. If you have a good language aptitude, then you may well find yourself on a language course as a Leading Hand, as we're always short of people with the ability/willpower/desire to learn obscure languages to a high level. I've done a lot of fascinating jobs both in the UK and abroad, and I know I'm right in saying that many of the most interesting jobs are working with languages. I can't be too specific on here, but if you want to know anything more specific, then PM me and I'll try and help. Dont' be despondent though, hang in there. If you want to work with languages in the RN, it'll be worth the wait.


I remember i went for CT back in 1986,I was on the Ark at the time.Done all my tests interviews etc and was waiting for a date to join SCU Leydene.Then one night i was a naughty jack the lad ashore in Pompey and ended up losing my gcb and that was that.Was told i could re-apply once i got my badge back,but never did.Ended up staying in branch(EW).Not really any point to this post just thought i'd share that with you.Cheers guys :lol:
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