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I am really interested in the role of communication technician but I was just wondering how much time is shore time compared to being away on a deployment as this is information I cannot find anywhere else.

Thank you in advance for any information :)


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You'll find it a little difficult for anyone to discuss this particular role on an open forum.
There are/were a loose handful of CT's on here in years passed, one of them might be along if you are lucky.

However, in the meantime, if you do a forum search you will discover a little about CT's; Caveat: some of which may be out of date.


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Branch is now called 'CRYPTOLOGIC TECHNICIAN'. As of this month.

Should stop potential new joiners from thinking the job involves fixing telephones.


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Make sure that you do enough prep to guarantee that you can ace the RT, different roles require different scores and the one required for this role is one of the highest.

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Technician still implies that they "fix things". They don't.
Allegedly, who knows what the secret squirrels get up to (apart from hiding in the shack scoffing all the naafi threes, or was that just the ones we carried!)

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