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Hi all.

I am currently in the process for applying for the RN at a CT. I was wondering if any one could tell me anything about their day to day role, amount of time at sea and training if possible please. And please DON'T direct me to other links with just endless natter. I’ve been looking of hours.

Many Thanks
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Thank you for your help. I though that might be the case. I have looked at the CT page for so long it has given me a headache.


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God that page is awful...

Qualifications you'll gain
  • Study for professional qualifications in languages or a degree in Intelligence and Secruity


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The RN website branch page content is written by the relative branch managers. Some are clearly better than others but my understanding is there's a major re-write in the pipeline.

Comms Techs, unlike the name implies, do not fix or maintain the electro-mechanical equipment they operate.

There are a fair few CT's about in the ether, literally. As stated elswhere, those on here often have a squirrel-related avatar - don't ask, you'll only encourage them.

As for seatime, you can expect to be deployed ashore, afloat or submerged in roughly equal measure during your career. Yip, even if you don't volunteer to become a submariner.

Rest assured, during the fourteen years I've served in recruiting I've endured many, many CT branch lectures about the job and I swear I'm none the bloody wiser about what they do beyond intercepting and monitoring various types of communications networks via dazzlingly cunning and classified means.

Read-up what you can on Bletchley Park and Cheltenham GCHQ to get the gist of it.

Good luck with your aspiration.

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