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Discussion in 'Submariners' started by Jess33, Dec 4, 2015.

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  1. Go easy - I am just a mum! question - may be stupid !! I know they don't send smoke signals any more! however here goes - when you guys go to see how long roughly are the you at sea for in an a-boat? and how do you contact home is it all email ? Many thanks in advance
  2. Average dived patrol is 3 months. On my last boat we could send e-mails coming back off patrol once out of area, but nothing on the way out or when on station. Basically once the boat sails, that's it until it comes alongside somewhere.

    Your son/daughter will disappear from the plot for a short while (no news is good news!)
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  3. The down side to this is those that are left behind in the real world have to be able to survive without the Submariner for that period of time, (important when married or have partners and family) we used to get an edited daily news (not always daily) on the broadcast, edited to keep text short, when on patrols well North we had no news for months and very little communication to the real world, if we stopped on a jolly on the way home we were not allowed to call home, as this would give our location away, or was it we were too drunk to use a phone? Cannot remember.
  4. I remember we just used to receive a 20 odd word 'Famgram' once a week on patrol, and nothing out until we got back alongside at Faslane.
  5. Bombers still get famgrams but only ever received them once or twice on SSN's.
  6. Wrecker - confusion reigns! Is an a class sub a bomber? Like I said typically a mother - clueless!
  7. Don't worry, I havent got a clue either :confused:

    Different world :)
  8. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Its not A class its Astute class, they are SSN, Bombers are SSBN. Both nuc. boats, A class were SSK diesel boats only one left is the Museum exibish at the Submarine Museum, Alliance
  9. "S" Class.

    upload_2015-12-4_15-20-38.jpeg [​IMG]

    On Turbs we had 6 old and bold on 5th/6th 5 s cos they had previous "T" Class experience, what grumpy bunnies they were, first time they had set foot on a Nuc:)
  10. if he is on an SSBN. No emails.
    you will be able to send a family-gram once a week, which is up to 40 words (i think) and you will not get a reply

    an SSN will send/receive emails when the operational environment allows it.
    sometimes a few times a week or you may go up to 10 weeks with nothing.

    obviously, no mobile phone signal underwater :)
  11. Thanks funky junky! It's quite hard to think it could be a wee while before you can have contact with your loved ones! And then only 40 words!
  12. And well worth a visit.
  13. SSN - ship submersible nuclear (all submarines except trident)

    SSBN - ship submersible ballistic nuclear (trident etc)

    I served on surface ships

    DDGH - destroyer gun helicopter

    MHSC - mine hunter surface coastal

    You will know them all on no time :)
  14. My first (and only) surface ship was an LPH (landing platform, helicopter) as opposed to an LPD (landing platform, dock) ;)
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  15. Thanks that makes it easier xx
  16. CVS - Thats it really plus a few RFA's.
  17. What about Whaler & Bosons Dingy
  18. Torpoint and Gosport Ferries :)
  19. That's where the 'The Doc' who runs ROMFT got all his sea time.
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  20. The pedant in me means I have to correct you.

    DDGH = Destroyer, Guided Missile, Helicopter.

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