communicating with family and friends while serving at sea?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by denzell, Apr 29, 2012.

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  1. Hi all,

    Just a quick question.

    Is it possible to communicate with family while serving away at sea using my iphone internet, such as facebook, msn all that.

    If not, how do serving members speak with their family and friends while at sea.

  2. Of course, in the "good old days", it was by paper and pen and posted when possible.
  3. How can you tell if someone has an iPhone? Don't worry, they'll tell you
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  4. And then when we surfaced for mail (HMS SWIFTSURE) found the mail had all been sent to the Hong Kong guardship HMS SWIFT.

    My how we laughed.
  5. Depending on EMCON:

    At Sea: Paradigm (satellite phone) You get a certain amount free per week and can pay for more minutes, mobile when you are in range of land, Email and good old pen, paper or postcard. Facebook and social networking sites are blocked from service computer systems.

    Desert: Internet cabins where you can use anything you like, again depending on the current situation, for numerous very good reasons all comms are taken down occasionally. Paradigm, email and pen and paper. No mobiles.

    Other than that, man up and get on with the task at hand, as you age you'll learn to hate everyone at home and long for the distance anyway.
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  6. Just when I thought Monty was providing a genuinely useful response..........^^
  7. Always a caveat mucker. Always.
  8. The whole point of going to sea should be to get away from family & friends, not to f*cking communicate with them! That's why you have shipmates; they become your family/ friends.
  9. Since my day one thing that has improved dramatically for HM Forces when serving away is the massive technological advances in communications with your loved ones.

    I remember many years ago receiving a letter from a pissed off Mrs F that she had not receive any mailes for some considerable time, the day after she posted the letter about 10 from me landed on her mat in Eastney MQ's. There was a grovelling apology from her amongst the next Shack drop.
  10. When we moved recently I found a wad of my old mailies from Adriatic, Gulf 1 & 2 in the loft, never a romantic really but lovely to re read after all these years better than any telephone call,
  11. Can't beat an afternoon postcard run, back on board in time for scran...

    ... returning on board 0300, shitfaced, broke, lost the postcards. :tongue3:
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  12. In Afghan you could get Facebook. Your own laptop needed to have certain settings applied to it at forward locations but at least 20 minutes a day was sufficient to send emails etc.

    If you find time during the day write a proper letter to your loved-ones, invest time in sharing your emotions etc and then when you get on-line just copy and paste the text in to an email and send it.

    It is easy to stay in touch; it is particularly special if you make the effort to properly connect with those at home.

    You're a cúnt.
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