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Comms Intake 07/01/18


Hi all - just wondered if anyone else here is starting at Collingrad on 07/01/18?

Returned my Formal Offer off last Monday, now I believe I just wait until the starting date.

Will be good to get to know others before we start.


Hi mate,
Good luck! If you've got any questions give me a nudge.

I interviewed on Aug 4th and found out on the 18th, so two weeks.

Tidespring is down in Portsmouth at the moment (I live in the area), if you've got some spare time jump on the harbour tour from the Historic Dockyard and have a look.


Im very nervous for my interview as anyone would be. Revising and revising but im woried if i mkss something. What kind of questions did they ask you and how long did it last? Also struggling to find victory gate on the map it keeps throwing up the dockyard (which i know is part of HMNB Portsmouth).

Thankyou in advance! ⚓
Its my first ever interview!


Victory Gate is gate you go into for the Historic Dockyard - down by The Hard, if you're getting the train down get off at Portsmouth Harbour as it's about 150m from the station. If you're driving there's a car park in Gunwharf Quays (around 500m from the gate), go to the casino for 5 minutes and get your parking validated so it's free.

Questions where along the lines of what the RFA do, how many ships, what ships, what the role is, how you handle pressure, why you want to join, how long training is, where it is, expectations of accommodation, expectations of how to use downtime at sea.

I just made sure I gave examples to back up what I've said, to show that I can do it in practice.

If there's anything else ask away!


How did you answer how to spend downtime?

What about personal questions family, school, work history, what good/bad equalities you have? Are you a team player/leadership give examples. Hobbies?
Thats questions i have read online that are most common interview questions.
Also did they ask about current affairs/operations because i have read up alot about them.

Sorry for interrogating you!


Things like Gym, Films/TV on laptop and cleaning.

They asked some of those questions too - this year was my 2nd interview and I ended up with the same interviewers which was quite nice! They ask you to talk about yourself to give them a bit of background of who you are, after all they need to work out if you're not only suitable to do the job but also a good fit.

Yeah they did ask me what I knew about any previous or current ops. I just used the RN website and my own personal knowledge for that kind of stuff, if you google for the RFA you can get a bit of information.

They'll also ask you about what methods of comms can be used.


If you're parking at Gunwharf Quays allow lots of time to park up..I got caught in a long queue for over half an hour but luckily had allowed extra time for things like that. Good luck!


Canoe has absolutely nailed it there!

I interviewed twice, and the second time around it was basically the same questions. The first time, any gaps in my knowledge they gave me the answer.

Second time round low and behold, I knew the answers.

Echoing Canoes sentiments, everyone was so welcoming, especially the lady escorting from the guard house to the interview.

On the passport photos subject - I took mine at 1am the night before the interview after a wedding, so if you hear about someone with a ropey, drunk eyes looking ID - I'm your man


Haha. I was just close enough that the RFA wouldn't pay for pre-interview accommodation, but far enough away I didn't fancy setting off at 4am to get there on time, so I booked a B&B/hotel myself.

Combination of nerves and sleeping with my head four feet from the M27 (What did I expect from the 'Roundabout Hotel'?) meant I only got about two hours of sleep before the interview.

I looked an absolute state! They spent a good amount of time talking through the RFA's drink and drugs policy. :eek:

Ah that's not too far from where I am, absolutely ideal that the training is at Collingrad.


Oh no my photo was awful!! Haha :D Yep everything Canoe said. All very nice people and no daft meaningless questions so as long as you've put the effort in with the prep you'll be fine. I was more excited than nervous once I got to the gate. Just be yourself.


Ive not just read the informatiin they give me ive also gone on the website news articles this site and all sorts. I know the information its just remembering it all once i enter the gates and my mind goes blank! Ive wanted this for years i so hope i get it! Thankyou everyone and hope to see you on the job one day!
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