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Evening all, just wondering if I could glean some information from you regarding the Comms Apprentice role.

Is having a GCSE in IT a prerequisite? On the website it states no specific qualifications needed, however, I spoke to a lady in RFA recruitment and she said an IT GCSE was necessary. I've got 9 A* - C GCSEs and IT ain't one of 'em!* Is it a 'don't even bother applying' situation?

* Could you even DO a GCSE in IT in 2001?
Hi Mme.Ray,
If you have an IT working background that does help, if you don't have any IT quals you can do a thing called the European Computer Driving Licence or ECDL for short. It's basic IT stuff using windows and there are 7 modules to pass at £15 per test. That is acceptable for the Comms roles and quite a few training organisations offer the course. Check out the internet or your local college.


Did you do RSA CLAIT (Computer Literacy & Information Technology) whilst at school? I believe this counts as an equivalent.
Thank you both for the replies. I've no formal qualification in IT, however, the job I'm in now involves me creating bespoke systems, advanced spreadsheets and databases etc..I received a letter today saying my application isn't being taken forward due to the lack of a GCSE in IT. A shame really as an ECDL seems terribly basic in many ways, but I might look into it if it'll get me through the door.


I'd check if the qualifications you have have IT elements to them, I did an Advanced GNVQ in Business which had an IT module in it which was outlined on the certificate so, I had that as well as RSA CLAIT. I would write them an email or letter outlining your work experience in IT as well as high academic level. It's worth a try.

I did two lessons of an ECDL and to say it was basic computer knowledge would be an understatement so, I left it as I felt I wouldn't be learning anything but, a lot of employers ask for it now even though it is basic IT. I think you can study and gain the qualification in a short amount of time though so, I'd pursue that if I were in your position.

Incidentally, did you do a Recruitment Test? If you did, and scored a high mark (which I'm sure you would with your academic level) you could argue your case with this.

Also you could do a GCSE in English in 2001 as it was available when I sat my exams in 1994.

Hope this is of some help.

I agree with H Nelson its worth you stating your case, especially as you have IT experience i your current job. Also I started the ECDL and it is basic but straight forward to pass if you need to do it. Anyway good luck.
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