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I am waiting for SIFT for my application and I've heard that comms apprentices do training at Raleigh then move onto Collingwood at a later date, is that true because on the website it only says that we are at Collingwood. And does anyone know what the comms apprentices do at Raleigh? I thought we would not do the functional skills as you need GCSE Maths + English to apply for the apprenticeship.
Raleigh for comms will be an introduction/safety week followed by functional skills weeks (Maths, English and IT), if you are not required to do functional skills you still attend and will do other tasks. From personal experience I was exempt due to my grades and education so was required to do presentations either as a group or individually, topics such as RFA ships. After this you will move onto communications training at Collingwood. The safety week and functional skills is a requirement for all apprenticeships. For functional skills we had to sit a few tests on the computers to see if we were exempt given that some may have good grades but have been out of education for a while.

Hopefully this is not out-dated information.

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