Comms Apprentice. Second application failed during paper sift.

I first applied for the RFA as a Comms Apprentice when I was just turning 19 and failed for a low RT score (3 maths points). I then spent the next year studying all aspects, but mainly focusing on maths so I wouldn't fail my RT the second time.

After applying again last August with what I thought was a great application including reasoning why I wanted to joint the RFA, I passed my RT and got told I had been put through for the paper sift.

Today I received a letter from the RFA telling me that I didn't make it through the sift and have not been selected for interview. I'm now 21 and this whole rig-moral is starting to become degrading as it's been the focus of my life for the past 3 years. I hold all the relevant qualifications (and more), have experience of the working world and advanced technology so I'm really not sure why I'm not at least getting an interview?

Can I appeal against their decision?

Any help would be much appreciated.
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I'm no expert on RFA recruiting but I'd be interested to hear how you know you are a more viable candidate than those forwarded for interview, which would presumably the basis of an appeal.


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You might have passed the RT minimum required but if there is a high number of applicants it is likely they've taken through those with the highest RT scores.


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I sense a trend for those who fail to gain employment in the public sector to get the hump/sue/complain/involve MP etc in a way they would never dream of if the private sector fcuked them off.
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