Comms Apprentice interview, help please.

Hi guys,

I am looking for any insight that you can provide as to what would be involved during the interview stage for Comms Apprentice. To give you all some background, I done 9 years in the mob as an OM(C) / AB(CIS) or whatever they are calling it now leaving back in '09. Mostly on 42s. I figure that knowledge of the RFA, ships, locations and my role on board will be big ones but I am hoping to be as prepared as possible.

Thanks for any and all help guys.
I'm going in as an Apprentice Chef, but for mine, they had 2 people. One asking general knowledge questions, such as how many ships there are, what type of things do they do, can you name any of them, how many people aboard each ship and about the new class of ships that have just come in.. general things like that, and then the other person asked role specific questions, about what I knew about the role, what duties would be carried out and all things like that. It was honestly the most relaxed interview I've ever had, so I'm sure you will be fine. They're not trying to catch you out, so my best advice would be to revise and you'll be fine.
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