Commonwealth war graves desecration in Libya

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by flymo, Mar 3, 2012.

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  1. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    They're quick enough to put the begging bowl out when they want "Western" help and assistance. **** them, it was nice when Gadaffi was in power and we could bomb them.

    That said, we've got our fair share of idiots in the UK pissing on war memorials or hanging off flags at the cenotaph.
  2. If this video is actually of Libya, then it purports to be a "retaliation" for the burning of the Qur'an in Afghanistan by the US. I'm not sure whether the respect muslims hold for their Holy book is good or not - one one hand it is admirable, on the other they really need to chill out a bit. Yes, the burning of the Qur'an was a huge error by US Forces, but it's pretty minor in the grand scheme of things.
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  3. As "someone" got to the mullahs to start the Arab spring (uprisings started generally after prayers on a Friday - coincidence ...?) why hasn't that "someone" had a chat to ensure that this kind of thing doesn't happen?

    As the Islamic followers say, Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance... cough ...... not much sign of that in the video then.

    On a slight aside, has Syria discovered oil?
  4. Also, in Islam are they not meant to respect all dead soldiers/warriors regardless of nationality or faith?
  5. Nothing new here my old man used to tell me about the arabs cutting off the fingers of dead tank crews to take the rings off during the Battle of El Alamain in WW11. Mind you they took the germans rings and other valuables as well!!!
  6. Desecration of war graves is not exactly a new thing is it?

    Happens all the time, here and abroad. Still, don't let that stop another tired and innacurate stab at Islam.
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  7. "...stab at extremist Islam"
  8. Not what you said though is it?

    For the same reason that no-one has had a chat with the combined population of the UK and told them to pack in being naughty, it wouldn't make a difference. If only that was a solution, we wouldn't need police, that statement is asinine at best.

    There's 2 billion muslims in the world, as with any denomination, race or ethnicity there is bound to be a fair amount of cocks among them and there is.

    Guess what? Many christened people have ignored thou shalt not steal too, unbelievable.

    Carry on though, it's de riguer.
  9. Nearer to home, anyone hear if the desecration of the graves that are the Aboukur,Houge and Cressy is still going ahead by that Dutch salvage company?
  10. OK MLP, mea culpa on that one.

    However, one does think that their interpretation of where the word Islam comes from is being taken a bit too far "al-Silm": Surrender\Submission
  11. Quite right mong masterbaiter......lets stick to tired and inaccurate stabs at America !
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  12. Now that I'm down with. The fat, slack jawed, ignorant, whooping, consanguineous cousin marrying nationalistic quim badgers.
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  13. have such a way with words, Monty.......and you're elequent as well !

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