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Looking through the pictures in the post ' IN PICTURES: Remembrance 2011' it reminded me of the outstanding work the CWGC carries out in far off places across the world. It affects me personally as my Granddad is buried in North Gate War Cemetery Baghdad October 1917. I take my hat off to that wonderful organisation.
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Must say I agree Finks. Having visited a fair few of the cemeteries in France and Belgium, I have nothing but respect for the work they do. They are always beautifully tended, neat and welcoming, just as they should be. My Great Great Uncle is buried in a small cemetery near Ypres - it's really quite lovely.
Remember on a visit ot Esberg in Denmark, a small cemetary containing the graves of an RAF bomber crew, sadly all unknown, but as ever kept immaculately.


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It used to be the case that HM Ships on visits abroad sent an officer to the local CWGC cemetery to make sure that all was well. I did such a visit in Yokohama and looking at all those rows of plaques (in earthquake areas I suppose CWGC doesn't use upright stones) was very moving. And indeed the cemetery was in perfect order.
It affects me personally as my Granddad is buried in North Gate War Cemetery Baghdad October 1917.
My Great Uncle's in there - he was April 1917, 2 days after they'd "lifted" the siege - got slotted by a sniper who'd obviously not read the DCI... Don't think there's all that much left at North Gate now - I've certainly seen some pretty depressing pictures...
I took an RN contingent from Rosyth to Normandy in 1994 to mark the 50th anniversary of the Normandy landings, travelling from Southampton on RFA Sir Percival we travelled up the canal to Caen were we spent 2 days reece'ing the British war graves in preparation for the ceremony and Princess Anne was to be the guest of honour. We had a day off and one of the army colnels took us on a tour of the battlefields we saw the Mulberry harbour even the house in Hermanville were the famous war footage of the ramp gong down on an LSL as it carried the troops ashore. We saw the German pillboxes and it was really quite horrific on the sides of the pillboxes the ranges of certain key landmarks were notched into the cement so they knew the exact distance of the advancing troops for mortar and machine gun fire.We were asked to check out the cemetry and be available as guides to the families of the guys killed during the landings who were visiting the cemetry to pay their respects the cemetry was beautifuly maintained and an air of dignity and compassion seemed to be all around the garden were immaculate and a wonderful tribute to the fallen I shall never forget it, wonderful dedicated people.

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