Commonwealth Games

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by hobbit, Mar 20, 2006.

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  1. Big discussions in Canberra about the possibility of a new anthem for Australia. Seems the present anthem is nearly worn away at the Commonwealth Games, :lol:
  2. Well, that's a good reason for GB dividing into its smaller constituents - saves wearing out one tune.

    There's one thing puzzling me, though..... The full name of Britain/UK/Blighty is "The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland"
    But, in the Olympics, our competitors are called "Great Britain", even though the Norn Irish are in the same team. The team should really be the "UK" - nothing more or less.

    Still, I like the division in Eng/Sco/Wal/NI etc for the Commonwealth Games, and it allows the Channel Islanders/IOM and others to get a chance.
  3. Eventually it will all get too embarrassing and we will have to split the Aussies into WA, SA, NSW, Qld, Vic, Tas, NT and ACT.
  4. Why not ? At the moment Qld is topping the medal tally in Oz
  5. Yair,sinteresting the way we divide our territory no doubt from more primitive times when territorial rights wuz a big deal a matter of life and death. Some of the divisions in UK are interesting, and this is no reflection on personal names merely an observation. There is Sussex, Essex and Wessex is there a Nossex? :lol:
  6. Nossex Please, we're Anglo-Saxon.

    No there wasn't a Nossex - but there was a Middlesex.

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