Commonwealth Games a blessing after Kiss ball in Brazil?

Strange ish opening Ceremony but it seemed to go down well, I for one enjoyed it. Comparison to 2012 Olympics’ should not be made as it’s a different games and a much smaller budget, but they will be? I see the boss was allowed to arrive by roller and not parachute this time?


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I thought it was cringe worthy, murdered songs which are normally unmurderable. The Boss did not seem to be impressed during the National Anthem .

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For the first time in my life I felt genuine pity for the Scots. It was so embarrassing I couldn't even laugh at it. I'd give my left bollock for one of those Tunnock's teacake costumes though.


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To be honest, i was quite perplexed about the whole thing. Where were the tramps, making threats, arguing with themselves before urinating against a wall and emptying their back body? Where was the razor fighting display? Forget the Tunnocks Tea Cake costumes, where were the people dressed as bottles of Buckfast and cans of Tennants? I feel short changed.

I'm also pretty sure that some of those countries were made up as well.
I would have preferred it if Rab C Nesbitt did the opening, keeping it more realistic rather than Barrowman jumping around in a tartan suit.

Rab would have been ace!

The teacake dance confused the fuck out of me I just had to assume they were made in Scotland, at the time I just did not know.
As for murdering song, the pleasure of being tone deaf an no appreciation of music can have its advantages.
Who was that woman comedian?

Bring on the games
Anyone know why the Bolt has never run in the commonwealth games and is only doing the relay?
Just seemed odd that Frankie Fredericks 1994 commonwealth record still stands
Probably due to an excess of Irn-Bru and square sausage, maybe the odd minced lamb pie. However I did try a pint of Caledonian gold medal bitter yesterday and found that to be very Moorish.
As you know, I'm a Jock. Normally I'm a very proud Jock. However, after about quarter of an hour last night I turned to SWMBO and said 'I can't watch this crap' - it was truly embarrassing and cringeworthy. I have no idea who the blond female was and wtf was that Canadian gay bloke in the purple suit doing i/c?

My sister actually went to the ceremony and said it was brilliant - but then the atmosphere probably was - and she couldn't see what we saw on the telly. I bailed out for good after the athletes had assembled - guided into place by all the fatty 'dad dancers!'

In my opinion there are much more recognisable Scottish 'celebs' who could have done the i/c bit - Billy Connolly's intro was pretty good.

BUT - why did they try the emotional blackmail hungry/thirsty/uneducated 3rd world children bit? That really got on my tits.

Best bit? Red, white and blue over Celtic Park!!! The rest, pants.
The wee terrier dogs were good though. Leading the countries in. Where did they get them all from? I heard they got one from Ringwood, in Hamsphire. (I bet they had one or two who had the " Round again class leader ".

Wee black dugs - cannae beat them.
Pain in the arse. Not content with tedious day long coverage on Beeb1 they're doing a full half hour round up every hour on News 24. What the **** is up with the Beeb?
BTW, Barrowman was born in Glasgow and lived there until he was 8 and Rod Stewart is English, FFS!
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