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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by YungSwagger20, Apr 22, 2011.

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  1. Hello everyone...its a great honor to be here, this forum is very informative and knowledgeable......over the past few years i have been considering joing the royal navy, i finish my studies in college graduated with an associate degree in Information Technology and am now presently working with the government in the IT Department however am now ready to start my application process........

    last years march 2011 they send me the package with the booklets and the guide note to sign and return, and the RT booklets, would like to know if its still valid... however i am from a commonwealth country and there are limited jobs available for us....

    royal marines
    royal marines band service
    stores accountant (logistics supply chain)
    dental surgery assistant

    commonwealth citizen also eligible to join the following however there is current no vacancies so there so have to wait a 12 months to join the following

    engineering technician
    naval airman
    medical assistance
    naval nurse

    1. so say for instance if i wanna join as a logistics supply chain how long is the process and do i have to wait 12 months or less or i join immediate....???

    2. what is the minimum wight? am 5feet 9inches???

    3. what are the pro and cons for each jobs available???

    4. they also asking for a letter from the occupants of that address to confirm that you are staying with them.... to whom do they have to addresses the letter to and what should it entitles??

    and lastly am presently working and only allow 2 weeks holiday so would that's be enough for the selection process of RT, Eyesight examination, interview medical ????

    how long to you have to wait to do each.....can you do it within 2 weeks, and laslty can i arrange the time i would be available for the RT.......

  2. 1) Call your AFCO
    2) Weight? if you can carry it around a 2.4Km track at a reasonable pace its fine. Height? no resrictions i know of.
    3) Obviously you haven't researched it better. You are applying for a job that interests you, not a job you wouldn't mind doing for 18 long years
    4) Phone your AFCO

    The RT, Eyesight and medicals usually take and hour each. easily done in your lunch break if you live close enough
  3. what are some good link can i use to practice the RT to strengthen my knowledge and ability???
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  5. Soothsayer is right, although weight does matter, as the military sticks religiously to the system of calculating your BMI. If you are a bit heavy you should shed some poundage before your medical.

    The chances of getting all the necessary tests done within two weeks are very slim, and finally... if you're only waiting 12 months to start you'll be very lucky.

    Also, you should brush up on your knowledge of the jobs and pick one!!! You don't just apply for anything going.
  6. Whats is the waiting time for Stores Accountant (Logistics Supply Chain)??
  7. YS 20,

    ref: Your various questions.

    Please remember that RR is an unofficial website.

    You have already been advised to contact your nearest AFCO, that remains the best answer for all of your questions.

    In the meantime, why not try reading through the many Newbies forums for general information and a little flavour of what RR can support you with.

  8. Hey im goin in as a stores accountant. got my date for march 18th 2011. send me a message [Mod Edit: personal email deleted for PERSEC reasons] and ill try to help u as much as i can
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  9. Given the date, should'nt you already be in?????

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