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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Montigny_La_Palisse, Sep 24, 2009.

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  1. Recently I have been invited to attend a Common Purpose training event. Now on first glance, they appear to be a well funded, well backed nationwide Leadership Development Organisation with good testimonials.

    However, after doing a little bit of trawling, I have unearhted some fairly sinister and damning reports. It seems that the general consensus is that this bears more resemblance to a Masonic lodge for the elitist to network in order to monopolise and influence the business world and Politics with their members.

    Now I am sceptical about this as some of the reports seem to be incredibly emotive, but if this is the case, why are they so angry that they are not involved with Common Purpose? Are they really that influentual?

    I am intrigued to know if anyone has had any training or dealings with Common Purpose or what they know of this organisation.
  2. Hi MLP, have you heard of Brian Gerrish. Retired 2 and a half (no, not Norman). The CP people really do not like him as he sees straight through them.


    Have you been invited as a member of the armed forces or because "they" just see potential in you?
  3. I was invited to apply by a member of CP, why only he knows I guess but he's unaware I serve.

    Edit: Link doesn't work from here, will look tonight mate ta.
  4. No probs.

    Still onleave or back at work now?
  5. Back at work mate, a slow, meetings heavy week bringing much joy.

    The offer of a place on a CP course actually came up during a debate on the Conservative party and the effects a succesful election would have upon the Nort-East of England due to the region's through sickness and health dedication to Labour.

    As far as I can tell and have read, Labour may have some links to CP so that may have something to do with it.
  6. Yes that's them.

    There are a lot of discrediting sites out there claiming that they are a government funded totalitarian movement designed to install middle and upper managers in influentual positions in society.

    Random quote from one of the anti-CP sites:

    "In reality, Common Purpose is a corrupt, subversive, secretive and deeply sinister organisation with a hidden agenda (Communitarian social control, corporate and EU state control) and hidden backers (Tavistock Institute, Fabian Society, Brussels)."

    It's intriguing to see something create so much hostility, especially claiming Fabian influence and accusations of Communitarianism.

    The way it was explained to me by the CP member had me very, very interested.
  7. How would they benefit you, Monty? Do they want money upfront, if I may be so bold as to ask?
  8. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Clicked on the link to CP's site. Couldn't actually see precisely what the politics of its agenda were. Mildly distrustful therefore. Like to know who does actually fund it.
  9. The courses do cost money to attend, yes. however bursarys are available to certain people.

    The benefits explained to me are that it would provide a better understanding of localised political and business behaviour and trends. Help contextualise decision making and also open up a diverse network of people involved in local community and government.

    It also provides the opportunity to meet and challenge people in influentual positions. Something that is a real struggle at times as anyone who has tried to gain an audience with local MPs will agree.

    As someone with an interest in Politics and local government, I have to admit to being heavily seduced by this but naturally I'd rather research something heavily before making any kind of judgement or decision.
  10. Also not that cheap best par tof £5K for a 5 day course.
  11. They're not cheap, granted. But they do promise tangible benefits.

    I may do the one-day Power Dynamic programme and judge it from there. Perhaps more through curiosity than anything else.
  12. Please watch the video linky in my inital post people.

    Also, YouTube has a video from 2006 where Brian Gerish explains where he first came across CP after he started a little project in Guzz to repair wooden boats: CP

    With CP expanding and senior politicians\civil servants quoting "post democratic society" (read: dictatorship) I am actually fearful of where this country of ours is going.
  13. Will do, thanks.
  14. empty post

  15. Please tell me this is a wind up or tongue-in-cheek and I've mis-read it 8O
  16. Right, well that's cleared it up for me then.

    The detractors of CP are all clearly unhinged paranoid lunatics in tin-foil hats.

    Sorted, I'm booking the course.
  17. I did a bunch of reading about common purpose a while back. They appear to be as you have said a nurturing ground for the elite of tomorrow, funded by int'l banks and other large organisations that have something to gain, not give. A guy whose name I forget has done a bunch of exposé vids on them. I think this is his site.

    Could be biased BS but from what I've seen they're not out to help regular folk or to contribute to the upkeep of democratic preservation, but to train up 'potential leaders' to do bidding for whoever funded their course.
  18. That's a shame MLP, I had hoped that there wouldn't have been any more posts so you would have watched the video with an open mind before making a comment\decision.

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