Commodore Nick Cooke-Priest


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Has been hounded out ??? - or did he do something extremely naughty........................

The former Big Lizzie captain who was stripped of his command for breaching rules over using the ship's Ford Galaxy car for non-work trips has quit the Navy. Nick Cooke-Priest (top, with Prince Charles) handed in his notice last week after an inquiry into his misuse of the vehicle ended in him being taken off the £3billion carrier (bottom). The commodore will serve a year-long notice period and a friend of Cooke-Priest said his departure is a loss to the Royal Navy as critics slammed top brass for being heavy handed in their investigation of the 50-year-old.


This guy must be the son of a Cooke-Priest that was a Captain RN when I was serving......Cooke-Priest the elder was the skipper of one of the Type 22s in our squadron (2 FS), as I remember....
If misusing the company car was the only crime it may seem a bit harsh. However, those that enforce the rules should follow them.

As an aside, with the money he was on, why the hell did he not just buy a car?


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I can't belive the ammout of people that quite clearly feel very passionatly about this issue. I'm surprised the website hasn't crashed.


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You'll see that he's handed in his notice and not been sacked. Also he'll still be around for another 12 months building up his pension pot. I'm trying to summon up some sympathy for his plight but failing miserably.