Commitment bonus to join RNR?


Hi all,

not sure if this is the right place but..

On the most recent payslip it has a note about a commitment bonus to join RNR, I just wondered if anyone can shed any light on this? I had a gander in the RNR section and that points out a DIN, and the note on JPA says ask the career manager for details but I'm on belated summer leave at the minute so can do neither!



No, I'm well aware of 'stitch a mate', it's more aimed at people going outside, trying to get them to join the RNR with a bonus..
mmm, no idea mate. About time though. At the very least there should be a couple of hours or so in the resettlement package about it.


The DIN on the RNR thread is 2013DIN01-164, just don't have access at the minute or know if that actually says anything about it
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