Commissioning Scroll

Hi All,

I've been in the service for nearly 3 years and passed out from Dartmouth almost 2 years ago. Should I have a commissioning scroll yet? My Air Force and Army colleagues received theirs on completion of IOT.

Is there someone I can contact in relation to this?


This comes up about once a fortnight. Unless things have changed massively, in the RN you are eligible to join the queue to get one from completion of professional training. Consequently, some WAFUs can take about 6-7 years before they see theirs.

When I went through the system it was taking about 4 years for dabbers to join the trained strength and 3 for pussers. Consequently there is a massive backlog. I joined up in Sept 2002 and think I am still correct in saying that most of my entry haven't got theirs yet.

The army, air force and marines do things differently (and in this case probably better) but good luck changing it. I reckon you're at the back of a very long queue tbh.
FFS use the search function, the answer was put up in response to this question a couple of weeks back.

Phone up s/he who speaks with forked tongue, it's up to them to order it for you, when you're qualified.

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