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Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by general_jumbo., Jan 26, 2007.

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  1. I've got to come clean.... I have a problem... this is very dificult for me .. I collect .....FLAGS , there I've said it ! mainly ensigns that have finished their lives and are to be consigned to the bin, now I've just found theres one flag I cant have, its the Commissioning Pendant, something to do with the new c.o. claiming it, can someone out there shed some light on his tradition
  2. If you're talking of a completed commission pendant (one and a half times the ships length) then you may have a problem, these would only heve been flown when the ship arrived at it's home port, as to finally 'claimed' the pendant I never knew.
    But if you mean the smaller, everday flown, pendant then these used to be Naval Stores items, don't you have an oppo who is a dusty?
  3. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

  4. yes its the smaller every day item, my youngest has just branch changed to SEA and its her thats just imformed me about about this 'tradition"
  5. That was the positive side of being a dusty - we had all the books (and the perks - all earned of course) !

    Pendant , Ships Commission, used to be in Stores Class 0330, as were Pennants, but these were listed for Commodore One Ball / 2 Balls.
    Some signal flags were pennant shaped also, but were in Class 0340.
    All before the Nato 13 digit codings became de rigeur for use..

    Sad innit... the memories that the brain produces ?!

  6. I'm sure she can chat a up a Loggie and get one for you. Stores ratings enjoy the attention... !! :wink:
  7. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    But we know why they're called "stores" - if they were meant to be given away they'd be called "issues"... :wink:
  8. She could also try the flag locker, any no. of pennants to choose from in there. Unless things have changed, it should be easy for a bunting tosser to damage or "lose" one :grin: :lol:
  9. Touche !
  10. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Highly unlikely to find commissioning pennant, Ensign or Jack in the flag locker - usually it only contains signalling flags/pennants; you'll need to speak to one of the Comms dept to obtain the key to the V/S store to find what you're after.
  11. Looks like the Dusty is going to the best bet.. !!
  12. thanks guys, but I only collect used flags, one's that have been at the masthead of one of hm's warships thats been on deployment, thus each tells a story,( plus anything I care to add) I just wondered about a new co claiming the old pennant as he took command, I've never heard of this tradition before
    thanks dave
  13. RN commissioning pendants will be routinely be replaced when they get worn/dirty. You just need to speak to comms rating who changes it. Also they are used as the CO's personal pendant when he is in a boat on ceremonial business. They are far too short now, apparently there is only one size, a miserable 1 yard, where in the old days the smallest pendant was 3 yards long, and the longest 14 yards.

    In the USN the tradition is for the commissioning pendant to be struck and given to the departing CO, and a new one hoisted for the new CO.

    Covey Crump has this about paying-off pendants:

  14. 'In the USN the tradition is for the commissioning pendant to be struck and given to the departing CO, and a new one hoisted for the new CO. '

    that seems to sum it up perfectly, could this tradition have been transfered to the RN? oh and i should have said my daughters responsible for the flag locker,
  15. Can the modern Royal Navy afford flags? do they have anybody who knows how to use them properly (they don't seem able to return the salutes of Merchant ships these days!) that'll get 'em going tee hee!
  16. True, but some customs they keep better than we have, e.g. the number of pipes that they still make on USN ships is astounding, on an RN ship you only hear the still, carry on, pipe the side and call the hands.

    They also keep to the original tradition of hoisting a "homeward-bound" (decommissioning) pendant each time they return from an overseas commission, rather than when the ship is about to be scrapped. Maybe because they still have overseas naval bases to permanently commission ships to!

    I think the only time a CO might take away his masthead pendant in the RN is e.g. if he was being replaced by a commodore, in which case the masthead pendant would be struck.
  17. Technically, I think, the masthead pendant is also the sign of the captain's commission. That is why he and he alone flies it in the ship's boats. It is displaced in the presence of superior authority: there is a list in QRRN of which flags do and which don't displace the masthead pendant. Generally, commodores' broad pendants, admirals' flags and the Royal Standard all displace the masthead pendant; the flags of generals and air marshals (even CDS, if I recall correctly) and foreign royalty do not.

    Perhaps a departing CO does take away a masthead pendant - look at the fourth picture here
  18. Can't see why he'd want it? by this stage his junk room will be full of unneccessary rubbish from earlier ships, when he was only a mere lieutenant etc.
  19. I dont know if its relevant but its the co's first command
  20. That's what i meant bunts, but got confused cos they don't have us no more.
    When i was on the Rusty B, my part of ship and action station was the flag deck, so i spent most of my time hiding in the flag store :grin: :wink: :cool:

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