Commissioned Warrant Officers


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I well remember my late father .who had been commissioned from the lower deck telling me that at the start of WW2 the Navy ,desperate for skilled Instructors ,dropped the requirement of HET Higher Education Examination --General knowledge .English and Mathematics- for otherwise suitably qualified Chiefs and PO's.
Presumably an AFO detailing this was issued. Does anyone have the details?


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If I recall correctly, ‘Man About/Around the Engine’ by the late V Adm Sir Louis le Bailey speaks of the old fashioned Warrant Officer in the ME Branch, the whys and what fors. I once had a copy but alas no more.

A good read in any case.


Lantern Swinger
Thanks for that. The man around the engine : Life below the waterline. by admiral Sir Louis is on sale on E Bay. Several copies are available the cheapest £2.31 free postage.
I'll have a read.

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