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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by letthecatoutofthebag, Nov 25, 2007.

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  2. The medical branch signal comes out in March/April time - not sure why we're out of sync with the rest of the RN!
  3. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    The reason for the large number of wu's was because they are short of aircrew and need to give them a career. There was an official dit doing the rounds with the signal - when I get to my desk tomorrow I'll forward it on.
  4. I thought the tranfer signal came out in Feb, or am I missing something?
  5. That's the promotion signal. From my appointer, Warfare Officers will only get it with PWO Cse, and from the 3(4?) courses going through at the mo' a good 50% of them are still Lt's. Perhaps it's a sign of the times....
  6. Was there not a rumour in the press (TORYGRAPH I think) that 2 1/2 prmotions would be frozen as an economy measure ? Would be interested to see if this is true..........
  7. There was a galaxy notice last Dec which indicated that promotions to Lt Cdr, Cdr and Capt would be significantly restricted for the next couple of years, to rebalance the requirement.

    That was hastily followed by another notice in response to the newspaper reporting; when we said significantly restricted we didn't actually mean that people wouldn't get promoted...
  8. Obviously the Toryograph and MOD have been listening to "Norma" about how Pusser is overloaded with two and halfs. :w00t: :w00t: :w00t:

  9. actually thinking about it the Galaxy notice was about promotion from Lt Cdr to Cdr, there was a pretty clear inference that this would then limit promotions from Lt to Lt Cdr given the reducing (in theory) requirement, and the reduced pull through rate. The move wouldn't actually reduce the numbers of Lt Cdrs, and in the short term would probably have led to an increase.

    It's broadly consistent with the timing of the change to Three Tier Comissions as the last of the General List with right of promotion to Lt Cdr at the eight year seniority point will have crossed the threshold by now.

    One would normally have expected to spend between 6 to 9 years at Lt Cdr before being promoted to Cdr (there are exceptions and I'm sure someone will come alpong with their mate who picked up three weeks after promotion to Lt Cdr ;) ) I think the average seniority has been drifting right for about three years now.
  10. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    The Telegraph may have been quoting a leak on the report on the future of the TM spec which is said to include measures such as freezing promotion for up to seven years and dropping the requirement down to 150 initially and then lower thereafter....

    I looked at the commission signal and also wondered if the numbers were reduced from the last few years. I know there is a real effort to smooth the number to ensure the balance is right and the RN achieves manning balance and hence promotes, in most cases, as late as possible and extends commissions at just the right time too. It does look like they are using these manning levers.

    The trouble is people have an expectation of commission tranfers and consequently promotions based on past experience. That's all out of the window now and unfortunately for those serving you have to face the fact that you will get commission transfer later and will also, if you are lucky and deserving, get promoted (in the majority of cases) much later.

    I know that for my spec promotion to SO1 was normally around age 39 but is now pushing 42 - doesn't sound a lot unless you are 38 and have just seen your goalpost move a few years and two more SO2 appointments away. As for the line that there would be no more acting Ranks because there would be no requirement (and with reduced promotion opportunties that would make sense) odd that the OAL seems to contain a good number of acting announcements still.
  11. Yep, know it is the promotion signal, but didn't it used to include FTC(A) transfers? May be wrong of course. And if anyone has a soft copy of it caould you email it to me please (On exchange atm so no acess to the intranet).

  12. letthecatoutofthebag, check PMs - thanks again

  13. Does make you wonder why you work your bollocks off to get to FNO, having done CQ1 only to be told that you've got (at least) another 2 years to wait before getting your half stripe. Most dispiriting, I wonder if the 1st XI (warfare) will go elsewhere to be suitably appreciated......
  14. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    [quote="alfred_the_great]Most dispiriting, I wonder if the 1st XI (warfare) will go elsewhere to be suitably appreciated......[/quote]

    Not just the Warfairies, everyone else, all the talent is looking around and seeing what is happening - how on earth do they expect us to keep motivated (and motivate others!), and wade through endless appointments to the point where you end up doing just more of the same.

    If you are a Warfare Officer, once past XO - what more, the few I know well enough are wholly dejected and looing elsewhere for real and these are guys I know would be superb Captains.

    The real pity is the attitude of the career managers (ha - oxymoron if ever there was), "just go" - they aren't interested, no one is.
  15. let-etc-etc, PM!
  16. A the G

    I hear you, sitting with 13 years seniority (more through choice of career options than anything else) and still hanging in there for the 1/2, but has got to the stage have passed IPP by a way so that there is not much they need to do further to [email protected] me off before I seek sunnier (and cheaper) climes... Shame really, I still love the job, but constant short term cutbacks to aid long term disaster starts to grate after a while!

  17. Bored - you a Lynx Observer perchance?
  18. Pinger then ASaC, so not the one you are thinking of...
  19. was thinking of anyone in particular, just been subject to the complaints of Lynx O's for far too long! (probably because ASaC tends not to deploy on a T23...)

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