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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Spooked, Dec 24, 2007.

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  1. Apologies if this has been asked before, but 'search' didn't bring me any answers -

    Am I correct in understanding that all Officers join on an initial commission length of 12 years? Does this apply to FAA or is it a longer commission given the length of training? When can you apply for a longer commission during your career (if you can)?
    I'm a potential DGE if that makes any difference.

  2. Spooked, it took me all of 2 mins from reading your post to cutting and pasting the following passage here.

    Officers join on an initial commission of 12 years, but you are able to leave either during training or when training is completed. A return of service of between three and five years is required dependant on branch (see individual job profiles)..

    it was taken from

    I am really glad that the caliber of the present generation of Officer Candidate is as high as it was when i joined in the 80's.

    Higthepig, where are you...........................
  3. further to mikh's last, you may apply for transfer to a CC when eligible, and then on to an FC if you really want to make a career of it. I'll leave you to find out what CC and FC mean.....
  4. Is that wise ATG, I mean he/she had was unable to find the basic information regarding return of service.

    Spooked, my initial reply was not a dig at you in particular, well maybe it was, but you are applying to become an officer, a leader of men/women, at this stage in your life you should be more than able to look at the RN website and get an answer to what is a basic question. There are questions that the RN site will not be able to answer and RR is a good place to post these questions, but this one, well, it paints you as either lazy or lacking in initiative.
  5. I fecking despaired at the calibre of the standard of the folk who hope to form the officer corps of the Navy I used to love. In the olden days you used to have to read a BR, Now we have web sites and they still find that too fecking difficult. And this tosser could be writing up some poor buggers RORRS very soon.

    Merry Christmas Mrs Lawrence
  6. It really does boggle the mind mikh, i gave up a long time ago, but then no matter what anyone says on here, i was in the Navy when we had one, and the people that joined had some CDF, so A Very Happy Christmas and a Prosperous New Year to one and all, including to-days Newbies.
  7. Er... hang on...
    Well I had already found out that it was a 12 year commission - perhaps I didn't post clearly enough, my apologies.

    I didn't want to know about ROS, but thank you - I wanted to know when you could apply for a longer commission and whether aircrew had to take a longer commission because of the time spent in training (such as the AAC/RAF) but it would appear not, but thanks for the answers anyway and Merry Christmas RR
  8. Cause I'm sure nobody in your generation asked for help, eh. :worship:

    Blah, Blah, Blah "Back in the good old days...."

    My bold- We do have websites, and thats exactly what the kid is doing using these websites (ie RR) to find the info.

    My italic - do you know Spooked? What he/she is a tosser because they asked for help? You must be a fuchkin mega 'leader of men' if thats how you think! :censored:

    In Spooked's defence it is not blindingly obvious the length of service required. The Aircrew Officers' Profile simply says "12 year initial commision," so why not give the lad/lass a break?

    This must be the great "Always willing to help an Oppo out," Navy, eh. Just the kind of response that will make people want to post on this site!

    Merry Crimbo. :santa:

    Armchair Hero
  9. (Quote)My italic - do you know Spooked? What he/she is a tosser because they asked for help? You must be a fuchkin mega 'leader of men' if thats how you think! Censored (unquote)

    Yep thats about it, THIS IS AN UNOFFICIAL SITE ergo they get UNOFFICIAL Guidance. If I want to KNOW about Nuclear Physics, I don't go to and UNOFFICIAL SITE. If I want to know WHAT MY TAX LIABILITY IS I DON'T go to an UNOFFICIAL SITE.. Where the contridutors are ex, or synical employees of the tax office.

    Got my drift.........or are you having trouble with the ******* obvious!

    Seasons greetings, My uppercase and Bold

  10. Correct me if I'm wrong Pinch, but this is an unofficial site full of ex-matelots, booties and people interested in the Navy is it not? So slightly different to enquiring about Nuclear Physics is it not...

    He/She did not ask for a written contract, he/she asked for some unofficial advice. Where would you have he/she go to do that?

    The AFCO will be closed, neither you nor I know him/her it may well be he/she has a few more months before reaching the minimum age and doesn't want to bother the AFCO.

    All I was getting at is why be so harsh on someone for asking advise on a forum?

    Have a good 'un,

    Armchair Hero
  12. OK, I did misread spooked's initial question, for which I apologise, also I was a little under the weather yesterday morning, which was entirely self inflicted, so I may not have been my normally charming and diplomatic self, again I offer my apologies. But with few exceptions there are not many RR members who are in a position to give Spooked the answer to his question, UNLESS they look it up on the web.

    Now alfred_the_great did correctly read the Q, and he also opened the door for spooked to have a look to see what he was going on about.
  13. Thanks for all the answers. I've found the answer to the second part of albert's... just not the first! Back to Google and my wine....!
  14. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    It's quite amusing watching the posts unfold over the festivities - they certainly seem to be a little more "fiery" than usual.

    Shurely it's not the Christmas spirit taking effect?

  15. Well for my part there was some sort of spirit involved, but it was purely medicinal honest
  16. Hey,

    Not sure if you're gunning for Pilot, but if you are, you will join on 12 year Initial Commission and will stay at this unless you are streamed Fast Jet. If so, you will automatically go on to a Career Commission of 16 years.

    If your hoping for Pilot this should help ya.
  17. Thanks Cullie. I had figured FC but not CC. Legend. Many thanks! :rendeer:
  18. Really, must be quite timid normally then.

    I have just re-read the thread and all I see is a difference of opinions (hey it happens), a civil exchange of views (it sometimes happens) and that is all.

    The only reason I posted was because it appeared that everyone was having a pop at Spooked. However, I made a wrong selection on the vocabulary I used. Re-reading it my comments do appear slightly disrespectful, which I assure you was not my intention, and for that I would like to publicly apologise to Mikh and Pinch.

    I have nothing but respect for everyone, in every generation, who has served our great nation and, sadly, my remarks do not reflect that and where totally inappropriate; and for this I would like to say “Sorry.â€

    Take it easy,

    Armchair Hero
  19. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Not really, but generally the full-blown arguments and other dross occur in Diamond Lils or the Gash Barge or are moved there. Not that it really matters. There are one or two posters on the site that only post to create discord as they have deep seated hang-ups and are angry with the "Navy" or its management for obscure reasons known only to them. Their posts simply get deleted from Newbies, which is rather fun as they then believe it's as a direct result of higher management intervention.

    The idea the Newbies forum is that it's for people to be met, greeted, pointed in the right direction & to ask those questions for which they can't readily find an answer. For many with service experience the question may appear so "bone" that in exasperation they respond according to fine matelot/booty tradition. For the person posting what for them, is a perfectly reasonable question, the tendency is to respond in kind. It's a bit like joining your first ship- you have to differentiate between acceptable banter & bullying. For the record, your stance added a fair balance. Such is life.
  20. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    .....At least he didn't ask what size bag to take...... :dwarf:

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