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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by k800i, Oct 19, 2007.

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  1. im curious.. would a Midshipman take orders from a Warrant Officer 1 or vice versa?
  2. In theory, he'd call you Sir.

    In practice, he's been in 25+ years and is an expert in his branch, you've been in 10 minutes. What do you think is going to happen?
  3. The Mid gives the orders and the WO1 salutes smartly and cracks on; the NDA is not a basis for discussion. A switched on Mid would ask for advice from the WO1 before giving the order mind....
  4. Thanks for that.. also id like to ask what rank a Warrant officer would start at if he/she went for commision
  5. It depends - all WO1 will be a Lt RN with a certain number of years seniority dependent upon their last job. Not sure about WO2 to be honest. Tell me you're not thinking about entering as an AB, "gaining the lads respect", blah blah blah and then becoming an Officer? If you're just interested, fair does and ignore the previous rant!
  6. Well, when I was still serving, he/she would have become an SD Sub/Lt, whether or not that is still the case I don't know, it seems soooooo much has changed.
  7. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Not that bit though mate. Correct. :thumright:
  8. Thanks Ninja, glad to know us old 'uns can still be of use....... :lol:
  9. That old chestnut :)

    fwiw I've had two SD bosses that the team had no time for whatsoever.
  10. No longer SD/GL/SL lists - all Officers are on Initial Commissions and have the same shots at promotion and commission transfer limited only by age. The last but one Chief of Staff at MWS Collingwood (a Capt RN) was a UY, and he's now a Cdre, so the world remains your oyster (unfortunately he was hated widely through out the establishment!).
  11. In fairness I knew good and bad occifers in both SD and GS. I guess it's just down to the person that they are inside (ok, not going too deep into that).
    My first MEO was an SD Commander and the soundest guy I ever met, by contrast I has a real nutter sub/Lt SD officer as a DO years later.....I guess the answer is expect the unexpected (No one expects the Spanish Inquistion)!!!! :lol:
  12. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Exactly, as with all, it's a case of personality & ability.
    There are dangers with SD, although I have entirely positive reports on them from my experience.

    One outward perception projected could be: because they have achieved their status "the hard way", there could be the outward appearance that anyone who hasn't held as many ranks as them is somehow inferior in experience.

    The obvious answer in that case would be "Well if you're that smart, why not start were you ended -up?"
  13. Indeed, I think the proportion of tossers is much the same in both groups.

    The fallacy of earning the lads respect by coming up through the rating route rarely gets challenged though. The direct entry route is right for some, the Upper Yardman route for others and the Senior UY right for yet more. For some, choosing the wrong route is a disaster.
  14. Do they still raise CW papers for us grunts they deem suitable for putting forward for AIB?
  15. I have no idea what the current policy is, but I don't recall seeing anything changing it.

    Always struck me as a mistake tbh, if someone was ready then let them go forward and take their chance, the need for track record, CW classes and 2 years worth of the SLJOs sidekick was demeaning and irrelavent. 2SL disagreed though...
  16. Thanks Karma, nice to know some things don't change (been there, done that as they say.......<shudder>)
  17. CW papers are still raised these days, just had my closing CW report before dartmouth. Its a long road to take from the "lower decks" but hopefully worth it. Will be sad to hand over my hooks on Monday as had some good times!

    Happy days
  18. dont have middies on boats so they would do as they are bloody well told, by any qualified submariner, reguardless of rate!

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