Commercial Diving - Life Support Technician


Lantern Swinger
I'm currently working 4 months on, 3 months off, and was looking for some casual work to do during my down time. Read recently that there are loads of jobs in the off-shore/commercial diving industries just now, so thought about taking the Life Support Technician course (costs about £1000) and maybe doing some off-shore work during my 3 months off.
Does anyone know what the job situation is like in this industry? Is it easy to get work for just a 3 month period? Or do they usually want someone on a more permanent basis?
Does anyone know of any employment agencies that specialise in this line of work?
Any information gratefully received.
The Longstreath commercial diving directory is one of the best sources of information (link). In general, unless you are on long term contract you need to be hot to trot whenever you get called. Companies dislike anyone with strings attached and rarely bother calling twice. Mind you, things may have changed in light of the current North Sea 'bubble' of work.

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